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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wip stocktake

It's time to reveal all the knitting i didn't do in Norway. I took my 'Carmen' wip and didnt touch it but I can't find it now. I started these socks in Zauberball in Norway and got nearly to the heel of the second sock which is not bad. I'm hoping to finish these fairly quickly.
The weather is awful today and the light is really bad so these pics are not goo. I was keen to knit lots of socks so took my Regia toe up socks and dind't touch them.

Same thing happened to my Lacy Diamonds which i started at Fibre Flurry in October. Not been touched since although I love the pattern and the yarn which is Merino Plus Twist.

I did do a few rounds no my Fantasy cables and these were the socks I was sure I'd finish.

Being an ambitious knitter who's totally unrealisting when it comes to planning how much knitting can be achieved in any period of time I also took these yarns to knit socks for me:
and for Emily (and i would have done hers but my Mum knitter her a pair instead so I didn't bother):

I had plans for a pair of Fairytale wristwarmers to go with my Fairytale Shawlette and a pair of 'Selbu' inspired mittens:

I started this crochet Curly Wurly scarf in some gorgeous beaded silk and got halfway through it before I realised I wouldn't have enough. I brough some cashmere and did some in the car on the way home.
I had planned to knit a shawlette with beads in Twinkletoes for my friend's birthday this month.

I did do quite a bit of knitting on this stole which has a lot of beads. I had hoped to finish it and not even halfway but I'm pleased with my progress. I will try to prioritise this in the next few weeks.

Last autumn I decided to join the Painted Tiger fibre club, thinking that a bundle of gorgeous fibre every month might encourage me to get spinning more. So far I've had 3 parcels and to be honest I've not been all that keen on any of them. But today month 4 arrived and  love it. it's gorgeous and it's purple. it's a blend of merino/bamboo/tussah silk.

I'll be spinning tonight.

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