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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pattern Of The Week - Elegance

I had hoped to post a re-published pattern this week but I've not had time to finish it and didn't want to rush it. maybe next week....

In the meantime let's go for one of my most popular patterns so far, The Elegance Scarf. This is a fairly new pattern, only a few months old. It's knitted in one skein of sock yarn. Any sock yarn which has about 400m is suitable. Why not try the new Supreme Sock?

To claim you 50% discount on 'Elegance Scarf'  use promo code: elegance. Only available here.

I did cast on for a new shawlette last night, in the new Great Northern Yarns blue yarn (show in post below). it's too dark to take pics yet but it's going well. I got off to a false start. Knitted probably about 30ish rows and then ripped it out, re-charted the stitch pattern and started again. I'm loving it. The yarn is gorgeous, the pattern is easy and quick to knit. I've not quite decided what to do about the final edging yet. I'll show some pics tomorrow.

I'm surrounded by all the yarn I dyed yesterday. some gorgeous colours of Bamboozle Sock and Royal Lace to come next week. In the meantime check out yesterday's update here.

After a bad week with my back and saying yesterday it had improved, it's now gone back to bad but not as bad as it was. Yesterday I had a 'twinge' in my back. Just one spot that really hurt. After dyeing yarn, and especially after rinsing the yarn in the evening it hurt a lot more. I woke up several times last night in pain and it's still there now. The pain is spreading again. I've got to take it easy today to try and nip this new pain in the bud straight away. I do suffer from severe pain in my back/neck every day and take a bucketload of painkillers every day and I can live with that now. But sometimes the pain gets even more severe. So when i talk about severe pain, I really mean it. it's when the pain gets a lot worse than what I'm suffering from on a daily basis. Dyeing yarn yesterday was probably a bad idea but my back was okay when I put it in to soak in the morning.

I've finished my bedtime reading this week, Margaret Stove's Wrapped in Lace, which is fantastic. So much to digest. A few new construction methods i want to try out. and it's started off lots of new ideas. I'm now awaiting the arrival of 'Creating Original Handknitted Lace' which i've heard a lot of positive things about and having read 'Wrapped in Lace' I'm looking forward to it even more.

I'm going to do some kniting before it's time to get ready for church. Enjoy your Sunday x

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