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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 Review

 I suppose i should do a 2010 review before we get much further into 2011. 2010 was an amazing year in which I designed for all British knitting/crochet mags. I also designed for Artesano and The Little Knitting Company. I also had my first front cover this year which was for Yarn Forward

and was followed by Lulu also in Yarn Forward.

And Gabrielle in Let's Knit

 and 'The Golden Jacket' in Yarn Forward at the end of the year.
I'd love to show all my designs from last year but there are too many but here are some of my favorites.
Tabitha from Yarn Forward:
Cherish from Knitting:

Charlotte from Artesano:
Sue also from Artesano:

Adele in Manos Lace:
Candace from Let's Knit:
There are several more designs i loved from last year but this post will be too photo heavy if i show them all.

For 2011 I'd like to do more self-published designs as well as continue to design for magazines and yarn companies. I'm also working on a book proposal. I'm also thinking about doing an E-book with a selection of Easy Lace patterns and some tutorials.

One of my personal goals last year was to spin and knit myself a garment from my handspun. I didn't get around to this. In fact I did very little spinning last year and i'd like to increase the amount of spinning I do this year. I've got 500gr of a merino/seacell blend I ordered at Fibre Fest in 2009 and another bag of natural dark grey alpaca I bought in 2009 too, which  would both be suitable for a garment. I'm thinking my best option for knitting something for me would be to spin it fine enough to be able to machine knit it. Not sure i can spin it that fine though and also, my knitting machine prefers nice, even yarn and my handspun is not. All this talk of spinning is making me want to do some spinning so I may put my laptop away and get my wheel out and spin for a little bit before i have an early night. I'm incredibly tired after a bad night last night. I was awake from 3 am. This morning I was at The Cornwall Yarn shop teaching a class of beginners knitting. The ladies I taught were lovely and were not complete beginners which made it a lot easier. In 3 hours we practiced 2 different cast ons, cast off, garter stitch, stocking stitch, rib and moss stitch as well as unpicking stitch by stitch, dropping a stitch and picking it up again using a crochet hook and they all tried continental knitting and Norwegian purl. I think the verdict was that the English method is easier. The Cornwall Yarn Shop are organising a trip to Wonderwool in April and KnitNation in July. Check out their website for details.

What are your goals for 2011? Leave me a comment. Tomorrow I'll have pics and news of a new wip, the progress on my latest machine knit sweater, some new arrivals and maybe some spinning action. The next shop update will be on Thursday or Friday. And the Sock Variety Club and Easy Lace club will be posted Thursday or Friday too. Nite x


claire montgomerie said...

bloomin' heck, you were a busy lass! well done you. My aims are similar to yours - something for myself please claire!

Willa said...

Goals for this year are to build on my sock making skills - learnt to do socks last year, and to be a little more adventurous trying patterns etc.

Sea said...

I have several jumpers to knit, but my aim is to make my first ever pair of socks, and possibly a fullsize lace shawl...but I tend to knit for others before myself.
You were busy in 2010!

marit said...

You've made a lot of pretty stuff! Good luck with the upcoming year- I hope your health improves, and that you get som etime to spin too. One question: what is the english method? I only knit norwegian, I think...

My goal? Knit more, sew more, and finish those crochet curtains for my sister that has been on the needle for at least 3 years!!! (and not being touched the last 2andahalf---LOL)

Dori said...

Gorgeous stuff - I especially like Candace and Adele, but I'm a lace addict.

RuthyToothy said...

I so wish I didn't live at the opposite end of the country from you, because that class you taught sounds absolutely ideal for me, as I'm also not a complete beginner, but am lacking in confidence, and could do with learning methods for those "oops, that doesn't look right!" moments, other than my current 2 options - pretend it never happened, or take it off the needle and rip it back to the row before, which is v annoying when the mistake is miles back!

As for goals for 2011, to learn some finishing techniques (my 1st project since returning to knitting had to be mailed to my Mum in pieces, so she could sew it together and send it back!), and hopefully to try lace and/or socks. So that E-book you mentioned, with the easy lace patterns, and some tutorials? Yes please!!!

Probably Jane said...

Well, you really have gone from strength to strength. Congratulations. From this year I will be making my living from knitting too - in a slightly different way.

Hope your new year is all you would wish it to be for you and your family.