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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Wonderland!

Yes the snow came to Cornwall at the worst possible time. yesterday we woke up to a light dusting of snow. Not enough for the girls' last day of school to be cancelled though, although they finished at lunch time yesterday. My problem with the snow is that on Sunday at 8am we fly out from Stansted. We were going to drive up to Stansted in the early hours of Sunday morning, which meant leaving Cornwall at about 1 am. driving up overnight with the icy roads we've had lately was not tempting and with snow even worse. Yesterdya morning we made the decision to book into a Travelodge near Stansted for Saturday night and decided we would leave after lunch today. Then when Simon came home yesterday he decided we should leave at 10am this morning. I had planned to do all the packing today and yesterday had a pattern to finish off (just final meausurements and a final read-through needed), some e-mails to write, 2 patterns to write for my knitter to work on over christmas, yarn to post, the Easy Lace Club to post, lots of machine knitting to do. I got some of it done during the day but not all. After dinner, we all set to and packed. Then I finished my pattern stuff and parcels about 11pm last night. I still have one sleeve left to knit on the machine for my cashmere cardigan. I've nearly finished hand-knitting the front bands. I'm also taking a lace shawl in progress with me which has been hibernating for months. I knew i'd only typed up half the charts needed and they're large and I wanted to get them typed up too before we left, did a little bit last night and just about to finish them now (it's 5am)!

This morning I have to finish knitting a sleeve and a half on the machine, do my online postage for the parcels, go to the post office, collect a prescription which wasn't ready on Thursday when I collected the rest, and double check that none of our suitcases weigh over 15 kg. Not too bad. I can do that before 10am. Simon and Emily also need to go and get some fish feeders from Pets at Home before we leave. I'm hopign they'll walk and do that and the post office and my prescription before we leave.

To get out of our estate, we have to drive down a steep hill then up a steep hill to get out to the main road. yesterday I made the decision in the morning to move the car to the estate next to ours where there is almost flat access to the main road and a foot path linking to our road. I drove down the road and was sliding all over the place. I just about managed to get up the steep hill. When I got right ot the top a car was nearly stuck and I was so worried about stopping behind it and not being able to get up the last little bit that I slowly over took which wasn't good but I had no choice. I was sliding all over the road even on the flat bit. When I came into the estate next to ours, there is a very tiny hill and a bend to get into the road I wanted to park in. One car was blockign the road and two others looked like they'd slid into each others. I waited for a while to see if they'd move but htey didn't so I parked the car a little bit further away than I'd planned. Simon moved it last night so now it's parked just over our back fence, which is about 20 m to walk up a foot path, which makes it doable even with 4 suitcases to load into the car.

There is a little bit more snow this morning. Now, if I took a pic of this snow those of you reading this from countries like Norway and Canada when snow is a regular occurrence would laugh your heads off. There is actually very little snow. But when we are driving on what we in Norway would call 'summer tyres' it's bad news.

enough of the snow. I'd planned to take pics of the knitting I was taking, just so you could all re-assure me I've not taken too much. I think my family think I'd deluded - okay, they already know i am. I've taken my Fantasy sock which is nearly finished (the second sock), two other pairs of socks which I'm about halfway through the first sock, one small, very small secret project, yarn for 2 or 3 mor pairs of socks (I desperately need more socks), yarn for socks and mittens for Emily and socks for Vanessa (must be knited in the next few days so they can wear them in Norway), one lace shawl with beads (the one with the large charts which i desperately want to finish), the Carmen shawl which is half-finished, a secret shawlette which is half-done, yarn and beads for a shawlette for a friend - not started, yarn and beads (yet to pack) for a pair of wristwarmers to match my Fairytale shawlette, my crochet curly wurly scarf (needs to be re-done), another crochet scarf - been hibernating for months. I'm sure there is more.

I wanted to take Simon's Debbie bliss sweater which I started in September last year. I'd hoped ot take it and finish it this christmas but I've only done the back and half a front or sleeve. I had to take it out last night to fit in some essential clothes. I also wanted to take another secret shawlette which I started in spain last summer but decided agains it, although it may still go in my hand-luggage. I've decided that my half-finished secrety shawlette will be my travelling project together with the crochet curly wurly scarf and the other crochet scarf. that should keep me occupied at the airport in case of delays. I also wanted to knit some Selbu inspired mittens in my sock yarn but haven't decided on yarn yet. I'm casting on for Emily's mittens this morning and working on it in the Travelodge tonight while watching the 'Strictly' final. I want Pamela or Matt to win although all the finalists are so good, I don't really mind.

I'd better get those charts done and some sleeve knitting done. I had planned to knit a scarf for everyone for Christmas too (on the machine) - I failed.  i got two done.

I'll be back next week to let you know if we got to Norway .... or not. Please pray we do!

Just remembered, I must pack 'Snow Queen'. I want to get some modelled pics in the snow in Norway. My sister is modelling it for me but she doesn't know yet.

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knittingsal said...

Hope you get there ok. Love reading your blog, and buying your yarn and patterns. Keep up the good work and have a great Christmas.