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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Front Covers

I've got TWO front covers this month. The Christmas issue of Let's Knit arrived last week, the day before I left for a couple of days in London. it featured my Bergere de France 'Gabrielle' - a pretty cardigan with eyelet rows and a tie front detail. (Ravelry link) Perfect to wear with your Christmas outfit. I'm sure I took some pics before I sent it off but I can't find them. So here's the pics from the mag:

And then today, Yarn Forward arrived with this on the front cover:

 This was the design I finished on the way to Iknit Weekender in September and handed over to Anna (the editor) at the show. I'm thrilled with the styled ohotos.  The yarn is Handmaiden  Great Big Sea Silk which is the dk version of Seasilk and is a blend of silk and seacell.
 The jacket is worked in one piece with a circular yoke and because of the stitch pattern, it grows very quickly.
 I love this design. It was so luxurious and slinky. I wish I could wear it.
The Ravelry link is here.

I had a great time in London last week and will blog more about that next time. I met my parents in London and they came home with me. My Dad stayed for the weekend and left on Monday and my Mum is leaving on Saturday. We've had a busy week but enjoyed ourselves. I had a deadline I missed last week so I've been working flat out on that as much as possible and it's just finished. Phew! I hate being late, especially several days late. I should be getting on with the next design but I need to dye the yarn first which I'm hoping to do this Friday. So until then I've got a couple of small shawls I want to try to finish off and I may treat myself to some spinning tonight.

Re Easy Lace Club and Lace Variety Club. I'm late again I'm afraid. My plans had been to get all hte dyeing done before I went to London last week but because of the sickness bug we all had I got behind on everything. So the yarn will be dyed tomorrow and Friday and posted as soon as it's dry which will probably be Monday/Tuesday next week.


Pixie said...

I love Gabrielle, its gorgeous and so different from the pieces sent to you.. loved the colour and the yarn..

Have fun with your Mum and lovely you got to spend time with your parents x

Ann said...

Congratulations & both of them are gorgeous. Your designs are flying off your needles.