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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A new lace scarf and Fibre Flurry.

I have written and re-written this post a couple of times now. I'm feeling exhausted. Not been sleeping well for weeks. I'm in a lot of pain. My right shoulder especially is getting so bad now I'm actually struggling to knit. I probably ought to have a couple of days break from knitting. I did have a massage booked yesterday but my therapist was in pain herself so had to postpone. We re-booked it for today but she wasn't any better and I'm a lot worse. We've not got it booked in for Monday, so I'm really hoping it'll go ahead then cause I desperately need it.

The last few months have been manic. Too many deadlines. I had 3 last week. One design Pixie knitted and that one was sent in on time. The other two I sent off on Monday and then I had a design for this week, which Pixie had also knitted which I posted on Tuesday. Now I've got a few weeks break before the next deadline and Pixie is knitting that one too. I've got tons of other knitting on the go that I want to finish but my main job between now and Christmas is to work on a book proposal. I've been talking about doing a book for 2 or 3 years now and it's time to seriously get to work on it. I need a decent book proposal before I can get a book deal. I've got some ideas and need to get swatching.

I've been working on finishing my Silky Camel easy lace scarf. It's the first pattern for the Easy Lace Club, which will be sent out today or tomorrow. I've not actually finished the scarf, I've got about a quarter left but I've blocked it and photographed it. I can't think of a name for it though and i really need to decide today. here are some pics:

I love the texture of this lace pattern and I love the lightness of the fabric. It's much lighter than I thought a sock yarn scarf would be. And it's so soft and luxurious. Now, I just need to decide on a name. Pattern will be use for month 1 of the Easy Lace Club and will be available for sale individually next week sometime. I dyed several skeins extra for the Easy Lace Club I have some kits available for Fibre Flurry, so you can still sign up.  Sign ups will close next week although I will have some memberships available at Fibre Flurry. The next round will start in January and sign ups for that one will start in Nov/Dec.

Talking of Fibre Flurry, I'll be having a stall with patterns and yarn, including all my brand new yarns like Twinkletoes and Fairytale. I'll also be teaching an Easy Lace workshop. This is a 3 hour workshop and will teach you all the basics you need for successful lace knitting. We'll work on a lace swatch for a scarf and one for a triangular shawl to learn yarn overs, different directional decreases, chart reading, and blocking. You should be cofident enough to tackle easy to intermediate patterns after this workshop. I'll also give all participants a money off voucher to spend in my shop afterwards.

The workshop is in the morning which means that Simon will be manning the stall in the morning on his own. He's a bit worried about technical questions, but I'll be around in the afternoon. Erika Knight will be there too, but unfortunately her talk is at the same time as the morning workshops which is a bit of shame as I would have been interested in hearing her talk. Lots of fab indie dyers and small companies will be there and the venue sounds great.

I think I need a nap before I do some more pattern work.

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Ann said...

Love the scarf, it's gorgeous. You are a super woman as you managed so much on your plate. Have fun in your lace class.