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Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Knitter Issue 24

My first design is just about to be published in The Knitter issue 24, which has started arriving with subscribers in the last couple of days. it'll be in the shops next week, I think. it's a beautiful triangular  shawl worked from the thop down in the gorgeous Amazing Cashmere Lace. Thank you to Pixie who knitted the sample for me.
And now for the bad news. I was told yesterday that my supplier has discontinued the base yarn for Amazing Cashmere Lace as cashmere prices have increased dramatically over the last year. As an alternative I'm getting some more Angora Lace instead which is the same length and thickness and is just as soft and luxurious as the cashmere. It'll hopefully be in the shop sometime next week. The shawl takes 800m/100gr of laceweight yarn so Supreme Lace and Silken Lace is also suitable and i've just listed several of those. But do look out for the Angora Lace next week, hopefully.

A close up pic of the stitch pattern:

I managed to fit in a few repeats on the Silky Camel Scarf yesterday too. I did a little bit at the orthodontist and then while I attended a Visual Awareness Training at church yesterday evening. And, for a change, I wasn't the only one knitting,

I decided I wasn't happy with the original edging but I really didn't want to frog back to the beginning again. So i altered it slightly and carried on. there is very little difference and hopefully it won't be too obvious in the final sample.

Here's the original eding:

And here's the new version:

I experimented a lot with green last week. A friend from the Liskeard Knit & Natter was looking for some dark green sock yarn and couldn't find any, so i offered to dye some for her. it was more difficult that I had anticipated. the dyes I use don't do a dark green so I had to do a lot of blending. I ended up with a lot of varieties but not quite as dark as she wanted.

this is the skein she chose in the end:

The rest has gone in the shop, apart from the lightest green which I've kept for some new handwarmer samples.

I'm in the middle of doing a shop update. I'll be adding yarn throughout the evening and will aim to get it all done tonight. I'll send out a newsletter today too. There will be the brand new Silken Lace (100% silk, 800m), the brand new Dreamy Lace (merino/cashmere/silk, 1200m), Super Merino and Supreme Lace.

Here's a sneak preview:
Dreamy Lace - a brand new yarn and a beautiful blend of merino/cashmere/silk and 1200m per 100gr skein:

Supreme Lace:

Silken Lace - another brand new yarn - 100% silk and 800m per 100gr skein:


You can find them all here.

1 comment:

Pixie said...

I have been waiting to see that shawl in print.. it has to be my top fav to have worked, the yarn, the colour and the pattern totally gorgeous.

Looking forward to getting my dreamy lace to squish.

Have a super Sunday x