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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just a quickie.

I've not had time to decide on my favorite sock name suggestions. I'm working flat out on 3 deadlines for end of this week. Keep the suggestons for the sock names coming - see post below for details. I've got one or two I really like from the suggestions so far. I'll draw the winners tomorrow or Friday, depending on how my knitting/crocheting/sewing up goes.

Got to get back to my crochet hook.

Lots of the new high twist British Falkland merino/nylon has been dyed plus Angora Lace. Shop update on Friday. Will try and post some preview pics tomorrow if I have time.

Keep those sock name suggestions coming and come back for lots of yarn and the winners on Friday.


Unknown said...

How about Tinkerbell for the sparkle yarn with its 'magical' properties.

Unknown said...

My ideas for the sparkly yarn which I've already tried to submit but don't think I have got to grips with the blogging thing!
Apologies if I have already submitted them -
Rowan aka Cerddin

marymaryquitecontrary said...

As the yarn will be dyed in different colours my name would be "spark".