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Saturday, September 04, 2010

New Design

I can now reveal one of the new designs I've been working on this summer. I did most of this in Spain. It's a rectangular lace shawl for the Little Knitting Company in their gorgeous Superfine Kid Mohair Lace.

 The shawl starts with a provisional cast on and the centre panel features a diamond eyelet pattern. The end borders are knitted on sideways at the end and attached to live sts. I really enjoyed knitting this piece. I was worried mohair would be hot to knit with in Spain but in the air conditioning inside and on the balcony in the early mornings and evenings it was fine. I had a few repeats to do when we got home and spreading the shawl  over my legs while I was knitting it helped me keep warm while I was adjusting to the cooler temperatures at home.

You can find the kit listed here. this shawl is incredibly light and cozy. And I loved the mohair. i'm not a huge mohair fan but this yarn shed much less than most mohair yarns i've knitted with.

I've done another design for The Little Knitting Company too, which was on show at Knit Nation but I don't have any photos of it yet.

The preview for the next Yarn Forward is up too. I've got the Colosseum mens raglan design in this issue. It's worked in one piece with raglan shaping in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend. Pixie started it but the stitch pattern was causing her some pain so I took over and did the yoke. this was the project I was knitting on on the way to Woolfest and in the hotel in the evenings. It was quite big by hten and the yarn is very warm so it was hot having it on my lap when we were driving home from Woolfest. I was quite relieved to get it off theneedles but it's the perfect knit for colder evenings. The stitch pattenr is the same as on my Colosseum socks.

We've had a lovely afternoon out in the Truro/Falmouth area. Simon's parents are styaing at campsite down there this week so we went down to visit them. We sat ouside the caravan,  i was knitting, in the sunshine for a while and then walked the dogs at Trelissick Gardens. Beautiful area and I forgot my camera. I did get quite a bit of knitting done though.


Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

What a pretty shawl!

Margaret said...

Pretty shawl...looks complex, though. Are there dropped stitches?

Love the Colosseum raglan pullover -- my son would look terrific in it. Alas; Yarn Forward is prohibitally expensive in Canada...