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Monday, September 27, 2010

Good & Bad News

We'll do the good news first. I have a new yarn which I acquired kind of by accident. It was the result of a misunderstanding between my supplier and me. I made a mistake in my order and thought I'd ordered Exotic Cobweb Lace. When I opened the bags on Thursday I realised it wasn't the right yarn. But it turned out it's a much better yarn. My favorite fibres are merino, cashmere and silk and this lace yarn has all three. it's a blend of 70% merino/20% silk/10% cashmere. Although there isn't much cashmere, you can really feel it. It's so incredibly soft. And the silk gives it a lovely sheen. I've wound up one un-dyed skein to knit some swatches. I've not had time yet but it's on my knitting list for the next few days. I've only got 2 kg though, which I dyed on Saturday. It'll be in the shop update on Wednesday. but here's a preview.

I took the pictures a little bit late this afternoon so they're not the best. Here's 3 skeins of silver/lilac, purple, silver:

I love these three colours. Here's the purple one:

Lilac/silver blend:


And here are two pinks:

The two pink skeins twisted together.
I need to choose one of the pink ones for a new sample of the Strawberry Patch. I had originally planned to use the lighter pink but I really like the darker one. If you've volunteered to knit for me, you will hear from me this week. i'd planned to sort out knitters and yarn last week but ran out of time and I will definitely do it this week, probalby tomorrow or Wednesday. I have decided to call this yarn Dreamy Lace. I did have a yarn a couple of years ago which i called Dreamy and I think it was a blend of merino and alpaca but I didn't like it very much and only had one delivery of it. So I've decided to use the name for this yarn as it really is DREAMY!!! I wish you could feel it!

Now for the bad news, also yarn related. My main supplier had a big fire in his warehouse just over a week ago and lost his whole stock of un-dyed yarn. He supplies most of Britain's indie dyers, so there are lots of people affected. I've only got 1kg of Super Merino Sock and 3 kg of Fantasy Sock left. The Fantasy sock will be used for the Sock club for October. At the moment i'm most worried about the Easy Lace Club. I've ordered some yarn which is on the way to the UK and should be here early October and I think that will be suitable for the Easy Lace Club and hopefully everything will be back to normal by November and the next lace club shipment. I'm also slightly worried about Fibre Flurry on 30 October. I may not have any of my main lace yarns. I get Supreme Lace, Bambino Lace, Silky Merino, Exotic Cobweb Lace, Super Merino Sock, Merino Plus, Fantasy, Bambino sock, and Angle lace and sock from this supplier. I do have a couple of other suppliers i order from too so I will be able to get some yarns.

I'm very excited about some of hte new yarns I've ordered though. there are some fabolous blends and a new high twist sock yarn.

This weekend I spent most of the time knitting. I was lucky as it was a Formula 1 weekend, so I watched the practice/qualifiying on Saturday and the race on Sunday. I've been knitting exclusively on my big lace project which is due later this week. I'm still not as far ahead as i'd like to me and it will be a struggle to finish on time. I've spent a lot of today knitting too but had some patterns and e-mails and things to deal with. Also made a quick trip to Morrisons where I over-filled my trolley (I had  a small one) and my 2 ltr/4 pint bottle of milk fell out of the trolley and leaked all over the floor. Terribly embarassing! I apologised at least 5 times to hte member of staff who fortunatley was nearby when it happened. Then quickly left without milk. We have enough for a couple of more days anyway.

I'd better get back to my knitting. I've got over 700 sts on my needles at the moment and by the time i've finished I'll have over 1000 sts on the needles. it's looking gorgeous though.

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Piecepatcher said...

Hmmm. There's a skein of dreamy that's calling to me:)

You have made me curious.....700 stitches, and it will increase to 1000? All the best for finishing this shaewl:)