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Monday, August 23, 2010

knitting update

As I said in the last post I didn't get as much knitting done a I thought I would on holiday but I did do a bit. Most of my progress was made on this semi-secret project for the Little Knitting Company.

 I've done quite a lot of this over the weekend too and I've only got 3 or 4 repeats to do  (each repeat is 50 rows though) I had hoped ot finish it over the weekend but it didn't happen.

I had a bit of bag parade of new knitting bags before we went ot Spain and I'm happy to report that all the bags were brilliant on holiday. Just before we went I found another great bag in Accessorize. It's probably a toiletries bag but I decided it would be perfect as a waterproof knitting bag for the beach. Isn't it cute?

Most of my beach knitting was on the Fantasy cables sock. Last September I did lotso fk nitting on the beach but this time I did very little. it was just too hot and I had to make frequent trips to the sea to cool down. Also we spent more time by the pool and I took the sunbed down to the pool to lie on and kept falling asleep. On the beach I used a recliner chair and that was quite comfy for a snooze too and I also got a little bit hooked on the book I was reading. But I did get the heel flap and half the cuff done.

I didn't do much work on my Carmen shawl. A few repest although it doen'st look like it's grown much at all. I love knitting wiht this yarn and would love to spend more time on it. Once my current deadline projects are out of hte way I'll give it some more attention.

Look at the texture of this yarn. Look at how squishy it looks. The finished project won't look like that though as it'll be blocked.

I did do quite a few crochet hexagons for my Ocean Silk Scarf. I had orginallly planned to do half the scarf lilc and half in a pale green colour but decided I didn't like the colours together so I got rid of the green ones before we left. Had only done a few anyway. I've dyed some more Ocean Silk today and have got some gorgeous purple to go with the lilac in this shawl. I'm planning to make smaller squares with the purple yarn to go with the hexagon ones.

Here's what each hexagon looks like.

I bought myself a new handbag in Spain. There is a little accessories shop in Murcia that I just love. I always find a bag there I like. This time I walked out without buying anything. nothing really that I fancied then I changed my mind and went back in and found this bag and I love it.

It's big but not too bit. Slouchy but not too slouchy. Got two outside pocket and one inside one. And it has room for my knitting. It's a dark blue. And it was cheap. 10 Euros in the sale. Vanessa bought herself a bag too.

Lots of blogs are full of gorgeosu gardening pictures this time of year and they always make me feel quilty as I scroll through them looking for knitting content. Our garden is a complete disaster zone. I like to say we have a wildlife garden but it's just very badly neglected but we do have 3 or 4 small apple trees growing along our fence. Our first batch of apples are ripe and some of them were quite big. They're much sweeter than usual too. I picked a washing up bowl full yesterday.

We have quite a few more coming too. I made two apple pies yesterday and the filling for a 3rd one which I've put in the freezer. I'll probably make apple pie filling with all of it and freeze it

. Last summer we ended up eating a lot of applie pie but you can have too much of a good thing and it's nice to have some applie pie with out own apples in the middle of winter.

I was a real domestic goddess yesterday as I cooked a full roast dinner in addition to making the apple pies. I made roast chicken, roast potaotes and yorkshire pudding. They don't normally go with roast chicken but my kids love them and want them with all roast dinners not just beef. Okay, full disclosure here, I did use frozen pastry for hte apple pie and I bought aunt bessie's yorkshire pudding batters. So perhaps i'm not a domestic goddess  quite yet. I'll have to work on it. Off to cook dinner now.

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Ann said...

Those are all lovely projects & your bag looks great - my favorite color.