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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Woolfest Preview

It's been busy around here lately but I'm almost ready for Woolfest. We leave on Wednesday but i'm teaching at Spin A Yarn on Tuesday so everything needs to be ready tomorrow. I've got a few skeins that need re-skeining. Emily and Simon have promised to do that for me tomorrow. Simon is doing some right now.

There are a few yarns that need labelling still, which i'm planning to do tomorrow. Emily has cut up labels for me. in fact Emily ahs been brilliant over the last week and done lots of work. she wanted to earn some extra money to buy some stuff for her fish tank and some snorkelling equipment for our holiday in August so that was good motivation for her. one day last week she brought two friends over and asked if they could all work for me to earn money. One of her friends said that she wished her Mum dyed yarn so she could re-wind it. She was watching Emily re-wind yarn for me at the time.
Here's Emily putting stickers on my bags:

Vanessa was keen to help but has 3 GCSE exams in Maths, Science and Media plus 2 English mocks in the next week so her life has been pretty much full time revision lately.

This has been the state of my lounge for the past week. Labels, patterns, winding equipemnt and yarn everywhere.

Here's the yarn that's already boxed up:

Yarn for labelling:

And here's a preview of the yarn that's ready:

Exotic Cobweb Lace:
Supreme Lace:

Sock yarn:
 more sock yarn:
Organic Merino Sock:
more organic merino sock:
Fantasy sock:
more Fantasy sock:
Silky Merino Lace:
More Silky Merino Lace:
Bambino Lace:
Ocean Silk and Pure Silk Lace:
I'm taking Merino Plus Sock,. Fantasy Sock, Bambino Sock (only a little bit ), Organic Merino Sock, Organic Cotton sock, Supreme Lace, Bambino Lace, Angel Lace, Silky merino lace, Exotic Cobweb Lace, Amazing Cashmere Lace and Angora Lace. There will be over 20 kg of yarn.

Most yarns will be removed from the shop on monday evening and all orders placed before 6pm Monday evening will be posted on Tuesday. Orders after that will be posted when we return, so on 28 June.

I don't think I'll have time to post any more before we go but I will take lots of photos and do a long Woolfest post when we get back.

If your'e going to Woolfest, stop by stand F115 and say hello.


stephcuddles said...

Oh wow :) that is a lot of nice yarn I will totally stop by your stand when I'm at Woolfest on Saturday.

marit said...

Lykke til:-)

Joyce across the Pond said...

What a lot of yarn!!! I wish I was going to Woolfest....have a great time and every success!

Cybèle said...

Lovely looking yarn Anni! Wish I was a bit nearer to Woolfest, I'd come and say hello. Hope you have a great time.

marymaryquitecontrary said...

I would love to visit woolfest; maybenest time. Had lunch is Alcares (mar menor) yesterday. We like to go to the restaurant "Encarnation" very good. Weather great so I hope you will have better weather when you have your holiday.