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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Empty needles syndrome

You know how many women get 'empty nest syndrome' when thier kids leave home. Well I get empty needles syndrome. It's not like I've ever got completely empty needles. Plenty of projects on the go. but everytime I finish a big project, like a secret project or another big project that I've worked intensively on, I suffer from 'empty nest syndrome'.  I usually feel relieved and happy the project is finished but kind of sad and empty and restless. I never really know which project to get on with even if I have plenty of great things on the needles, or ugent projects waiting ot get started.

So today I finished a desing for Yarn Forward. I had to post it today and finished it this moring, so just in time. I'm really pleased with the end result and I wish I could show you a sneak preview but I can;t but it'll bei n Yarn Forward issue 27.

I did eventually manage to decide on which knitting to pick up next. I decided to rip back the last few rows on my Baby Surprise Jacket, I did that last week but hadn't got going with it again yet. this was mainly due to mislyaing the pattern but I found it today so I did a few more rows. I also got started on some swatching for new projects. This is the one thign about designing that gets to me sometimes. you always have to plan ahead and keep on top of planning new designs, submitting to mags and swatching and sketching for new ideas.

I'm hoping to finish my BAby Surprise Jacket tomorrow. I'm meeting a friend who's knitting one too. She's not gotten that far on it yet. I'd hopedto finish mine so she could see it finished but perhaps i'll manage to finish it when we meet for lunch tomorrow.

I've listed some Falkland Merino top today. Only 4 colourways but aren't they lovely:
The fibre is so soft. I pulled off some small bits to test spin. I  had planned to do it tonight but my laptop has been on a 'go-slow' tonight so have run out of time. I've been awake since 3.30am, jsut couldn't sleep and kept htinking about my garment that needed finishing so got up and got knitting. And finished it by 7am. But it means that I'm not barely functioning.I thought I'd watch the Leader's Debate while doing some spinning but I'm going to quickly block out a shawl, which I should have done last night, then go to bed.

The shawl I'm blocking is lovely and knitted by Pixie. It'll be in a magazine soon so I can't share any pics. The good news is that in May I have very few deadlines, altbough June and July are incredibly busy, so I need tgo get ahead a bit. But I will have some time to start some bloggable projects. I'm desperate to start a new lace shawl. I've got plans for two designs and have done som charting. the last couple of shawls I've designed for magazines Pixie has been knitting for me, she's just finjished one and is doing one now, as she's so much quicker than me. But I need to knit some serious lace, I' having withdrawal symptoms.

I've got some other things I wanted to blog about but I'm too tired and my typing is getting bad. Check out hte shop update instead.

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WildPurl said...

I feel exactly the same whenever I finish a big project - a bit lost, somehow!
And I'm also knitting my very first BSJ - I can't beleive how easy and fun it is! Good luck with finishing yours