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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Finally some yarn!

Finally, a shop update. I've been trying to get around to doing this update all week but for lots of reasons it's not happened till now. Instead I've lived with a box of yarn in the lounge. Although I don't mind looking at pretty yarn the rest of hte family are not so keen on it. You can see today's new yarns here. I've also had a bit of a stock take in the last week and found several odd skeins which I htought were already listed in the shop but for some reason they had been left out so they've been added today too.

The main additions today are some Amazing Cashmere Lace in these gorgeous colourways plus a couple of others. I'm using a new base yarn for the Amazing Cashmere Lace. It's very similar to the old base yarn but instead of getting it from China and paying a small fortune in shipping costs, I'm buying it from a British supplier. It's still gorgeous and soft but this new version feels more silky and has a slight sheen to it. It has 400m per 50gr skein so slightly more yarn than the old version. If you fancy any of these yarns, be quick. They've already started selling out while I've been doing the update.
Another new base yarn is the new BFL sock yarn. Again I've changed the base yarn but kept hte name the same. This new bluefaced leicester sock yarn is softer and plumper than the old one and I much prefer it. I've not knitted wiht this new yarn yet but I've been crocheting with it and it's gorgeous. Here are the colourways so far. There will definitely be more of this in the future.
And I've got a 100gr plait of Falkland Merino to list too. I dyed it for myself to blend with my natural grey merino but it's not qutie the right grey. It's gorgeous though. I've not done too much fibre dyeing, mainly because the ones I've done have not come out like I wanted. But there will be more fibre very soon.
As I said above, I've done some crocheting but I've also done lots of knititng over the last couple of days. Actually yesterday it was mainly computer work, catching up on pattern writing. Then in the evening Emily and I went to a basket ball game in Plymouth with two friends and their daughters who are a year younger than Emily. Plymouth Raiders were playing Worcester Wolves. Worcester lead for much of the game but right at the end Raiders re-gained the lead and won the game. There was high emotions amongst the players at the end and there was nearly a punch up on hte court and one Raiders player got expelled. But apart from that it was all good fun. We went to 2 or 3 basket ball games last year and it's really good family fun. Very lively.

I knitted through the whole game and managed to do several inches on my current secret knitting. I'm into one piece circular knits right now. Several of my designs for hte summer are knitted in one piece with varous forms of circular constructions. I'm very keen to keep exploring circular, one piece knitting so hopefully there will be lots more of this to come soon. I'm also really looking forward to knitting with some great new summery yarns over the next few months. Some of them are brand new to me.

Now, go and check out the shop update. A huge thank you to Sock Variety Club members who have been very patient. I've finally manage to re-compile my club list after loosing all my members' info when our laptop died the other week. The parcels will be going out tomorrow or Tuesday. And it's nearly Lace Variety Club time too. I'm hoping to dye the yarn on Wednesday and it'll be posted next Monday, so join now.

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Tama said...

I guess I'd better rush over and grab some yarn before it's all gone!