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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Name Competition - winner

I've just written down all the name suggestions for the shawl and wow, so many great suggestions. My favorites are Ice Queen - but I feel it's too close to Snow Queen and I've already got a shawl named Snow Queen, Hugs, Warm Embrace, Cherish, Frost, Friendship and Douillet. My final short list is Cherish and Friendship and I'm finding it hard to decide between the two. So I'll think about it while I finish this post.

I've been dyeing yarn this morning, some Exotic Cobweb Lace, Supreme Sock & Lace and the sock variety club yarn for February. The sock club yarn will be posted on Monday. Should be posted on Friday but I don't have the car on Friday and there are too many parcels to walk to the post office. I've dyed a few spares so if you fancy joining there is still time.

In a little while I'm off out for the afternoon and the evening. I'm going to a Rowan fashion show at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen in Bovey Tracey. The fashion show is organised by Spin A Yarn and i'm popping in there before the show too. Not to get any yarn for myself but to get some more yarn for my Mum, she's nearly finished a Rowan cardigan and has run out of yarn. Then I'm meeting a couple of friends for a drink and some knitting before the show starts. I'll be knitting my way through the show as I've got a deadline this week and i'm a bit behind right now. I'm taking the sleeve as a stocking stitch sleeve is easy to knit while i'm watching the fashion show. I've got some shopping to do on the way too.

My biggest decision this afternoon is trying to decide which knitted scarf/shawl to wear. It's between the new Rosebud Stole and the organic merino shawl. The Rosebud Stole is gorgoeus and the colour matches the purple top I'm wearing today. But it's cold today and the organic merino shawl and the matching handwarmers would be warmer. Perhaps I'll wear the organic merino shawl on the way there and change to the Rosebud Stole for the fashion show. Decisions, decisions! I'll try and take some pictures. I'm assuming it'll be the Rowan spring/summer collection on show today. I've never knitted a Rowan pattern but I did translate the pattern for my Mum's cardi for her.

Right, decision time. I've decided that the organic merino shawl will be called 'The Friendship Shawl' and the winner is Mieke. Can you contact me through my website please and I'll organise your prize to be sent to you.

The pattern is not quite ready yet, I may get it ready for tomorrow but it's more likely to be Thursday or Friday. My deadline project has to take priority this week so I think I'll say that the pattern will be launched on Friday. That'll give me time to sort everything out. I'll tell you why I chose Shelterbox as my charity too then.

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