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Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to normal?

We're back to some sort of normality here. Or at least the school was fully open today. The girls listened eagerly to the radio this morning, hoping they would mention their school when they read out the school closures but fortunately they didn't. This is only Emily's second day back after Christmas as sheonly went in one day last week. We've still got snow though, although it seems to be melting now as it's a little bit milder. But there is more snow forecast for tomorrow, quite heavy snow apparently....

I've had a bad weekend. Last week I lost a filling which was actually half my tooth. It's tucked away at the back and wasn't hurting so I ignored it for a few days. Then on Friday I started getting pain on the other side of my mouth, so nohting to do with hte lost filling. The pain was very severe at times but intermittent and lasted all weekend. It kind of came in waves and lasted for a few minutes each time and probably appeared about once or twice an hour. I was worried I'd have another abscess. I've had lots of those over recent years but normally the pain is persistent and throbbing. So I rang the dentist this morning. I felt a bit embarassed as I missed my last check up last summer and hadn't gotten around to re-booking it. Anyway, I didn't have an abscess but a very deep filling which hte dentist did today. My mouth is still very numb and it was two hours ago now. The lost filling needs to be replaced by a root canal and a crown so that's going to be unpleasant and cost a fortune. At least it's not hurting.

I've just done an update and you can see the new yarns here. It's not as much as I'd hoped but there will be more to come by Friday. I've listed a few more Let's Knit Mystery Blanket Yarn deals (see the post below for pics of the blanket). I found a few skeins of Bambino Sock hidden away and here are two skeins of Blackcurrant Crush:
and two skeins of Bambino Fun:
I dyed up the last kilo of my Fantasy sock yarn and here's 'Partytime':
You may remember last month I had a skein of Fantasy sock yarn which dyed up differently. Before i dyed it it looked the same as the others but after wards it looked like it was 3 different singles plied togher. Well it's happened again, two skeins out of this latest pack. i'm thinking it's a faulty skein and as it's happened again I think I may need to tell my supplier.
The front one of these two skeins is affected but it doens't show up too well in this colourway:
You can see it better in this one. The front one is the 'faulty' skein.
I'm hoping to take the day off tomorrow and head up to Spin A Yarn in Bovey Tracey to meet my friend, Marianne. I'm just praying the weather forecast won't get in the way of our plans. I've set aside Wednesday as a reserve day just in case. I also need to do some stuff in Plymouth so Ireally, really dont want any more snow tomorrow. If it does snow, I'll dye some yarn instead. I've got a deadline end of this week and some pattern writing to catch up on, so I may not be round much this week but I will do another shop update on Friday. The Liskeard Knitting Group starts again this Thursday so if you live in East Cornwall come along to Stuart House in Lisekard from 10.30 am onwards. We're there every Thursday.

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franney said...

Oh, i love the faulty skein, that's so pretty! <3