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Friday, December 04, 2009

Crochet & knitting groups

I've had a week of knitting groups. Tuesday I went to the knitting group at Spin A Yarn. It was great to catch up with everyone there. On Wednesday evening I went to the Christmas meal at the Modbury knitting group. They were a great group of ladies and I had a lovely evening. It was my first time there and they all made me feel very welcome. Everyone was wearing an item they'd knitted so we were all admiring each other's knitting. I wore my Midnight Stole which was admired by everyone. The perfect shawl for an evening event. Good value too as it only takes one skein of Silky Merino Lace or Exotic Cobweb Lace. I've just put in an order so there will be lots more laceweight in stock by the end of next week hopefully.

One lady (sorry cant remember who now) wore a gorgeous, frilly crocheted scarf in Kidsilk Haze. I've go some gorgeous Kidsilk Haze colours and I'm really keen to try out one of those scarves.

On Thursday, it was time for our weekly LIkseard Knit n Knatter. There weren't very many of us this week but we had an enjoyable time anyway. The room was a little cold which made knitting difficult.

I've been doing ltos of knitting but it's all secret knitting so can't share any pics. I'm working ona new secret sweater now and it's going well. I did a couple of repeats on my silve Organic Merino shawl earlier when a friend came over but not enough for another progress pic.

Occasionally I tkae a break from knitting to crochet a square or two. This pile is getting bigger. They'r all the same motif and I'll be sewing them into a scarf when I've got enough.
I'm using two different colours. The variegated one is Posh Yarns Eva 4ply from my stash. And the solid is Lotus yarns cashmere/silk 4ply. I've done some squares in separate colours and some mixed. i like hte look of the mixed ones:
Here's a selection of the squares I've got so far. Think I've got about 14 of the variegated ones, 3 or 4 of the solid ones and 2 mixed ones.
I'd hoped ot do an update today but it'll be Monday before the yarn is dry enough. So Monday's update will be a brand new Exotic Sock and some Bambino Lace. I've got some stunning colours.
Have a great weekend.


Pixie said...

Gorgeous crocheting .. love the colours too :)

You have had a good week, with the groups, makes up for the times you couldn't go and so pleased you made it to the Bovey one.. Christine said how lovely your mitts where.

Have a super weekend xxx

Ann said...

Knitting groups are great. I go to one or two every week & always looking forward to them.