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Friday, November 06, 2009

An obsession with grey

I think it's safe to say I've developed an obsession with grey. Cybele hit the nail on the head I think. Grey can actually lift this grey autumn mood. Check out this post for a gorgeous grey Ishbel.

I quite often get rather depressed this time of year and like bright colours that cheer me up but I tink Cybele is right, that grey can be cheerful too.

Let's review the evidence of my own grey obsession:

I've still got this gorgeous natural grey merino on my wheel. I've nearly finished this gorgeous fibre now. I may try to finish it tonight.
I've decided to ply it with some of this gorgeous natural grey alpaca, which i'm really looking forward to spinning and which will be next on the wheel.
I dyed this trio of greys the other week (one of them went to Cybele). The other two are in my studio while I decide if I'm going ot sneak them into my stash or list them on the website. At the moment my stash is winning. Although I can't see myself having time to knit it up anytime soon.
Next we have a gorgeous, silver Exotic Cobweb Lace which is in the shop. If I had time I'd knit something with it but too many deadlines coming up.
I did the same silver colourway in Silky Merino Lace.
This is the colourway I got Pixie to knit up the latest Snow Queen for me. This colourway looks stunning in Snow Queen by the way.The Snow Queen pattern will be available soon by the way. I've just got to re-do the chart (which is huge) in Knit Visualizer.

I have also been experimenting with a slightly darker grey, and this 'Steel' colourway is in the shop now.
And finally, this silver Bambino Sock Yarn which is utterly gorgeous. I keep looking and stroking this one and I just love it. It's a gorgeous semisolid colourway. I'd love to knit this up in the Aestlight Shawl. I think this would look stunning in Silver Bambino. As my I've got non-stop magazine deadlines between now and Christmas (garments due just about every two weeks), there is defnitely no chance I'll have time to knit this up anytime soon so I've listed it in the shop but if it doesn't sell it'll end up on my needles. And if it does sell I may have to dye myself some more.
And just to re-assure you it's not all grey around here (apart from the weather), I've listed some brighter colours in the shop too. These are the new Bambino Sock Yarns. There will be more next week in readiness for one of my latest Let's Knit designs. I think Let's Knit is due out any day now. I've got a 'mystery project' starting which goes over 3 issues and it uses 2 skeins of Bambino Sock Yarn although Fantasy sock yarn would be a fantastic substitution. I'm so keen to share pics of this project as it's so pretty but I'd better wait till the magazine comes out. It's always very exciting to see how a project looks in the mag photos.
Some Blue Fizz Bambino:
And some Purple Fizz:
And something very colourful, Hot Pink Bambino:
Even though I'm knitting like mad for a deadline next week, I did take a break the other night and did some crocheting. I'm keen to practice every few days so I don't forget what I learnt. My next crochet course day is in a couple of weeks I think.
the one on the left I followed a pattern successfuly. The other one I started followin a pattern but got lost after round 1 and did my own thing. I'm thinking about starting crocheting up some granny square in various left over sock yarn bits, and eventually make it into a blanket. This is one of my crochet ambitions. Now back to some knitting. This week's yarn update has been completed now and you can see all this week's new arrivals here.


marymaryquitecontrary said...

I WILL knit the Snow Queen shawl in grey;I WILL knit the Snow Queen shawl in grey;I will knit the Snow Queen shawl in grey; I will knit the Snow Queen shawl in grey,I will knit the Snow Queen shawl in grey. There I have said it!! Would it be a step too far for a novice lace knitter like me; all be it one with more than a little determination.

Jenny said...

Hi Anni, amazing pictures they're all gorgeous. Just to let you know I received my lace yarn yesterday and it's beautiful, I've posted it up on my blog and linked back to your shop, hope you can pop by to say hi, Jenny x x

Ann said...

I love grey too and you have been dyeing some lovely greys. I have been trying to resist adding to my stash.