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Friday, November 20, 2009

More Crochet

Yes this is still a knitting blog but my current knitting is secret. You'll see it in Yarn Forward in the new year sometime (issue 22 I think). So in the meantime let's take a look at some crocheting I've been doing. When I desperately needed a break from secret knitting in the last couple of weeks I've been doing this:
The purple squares are Bambino Sock yarn and I think they are the leftover bit from the Let's Knit mystery blanket. The orange squares are Posh Yarn cashmere 4ply which I've had for a long, long time and it's gorgeous to crochet with. I don't have quite enough for a scarf so I'll have to find another colour and do some more.
Yesterday was day 2 of my crochet course and we started by learning filet crochet. We did the basic blocks (top one) and then had a go at doing bars and lacets (bottom sample):
I liked it but I don't think I'll be doing a whole lot of filet crochet in the future.
After lunch we did Tunisian crochet which I found a bit boring first. It also makes a very dense fabric which I didn't like at first but once I got into it and practiced some other stitches and did a colourchange I quite liked it. I also had a couple of ideas for some simple crochet designs. Watch this space!
I've nearly finished updating the website as I write this. I've got sock yarns this time and my favorites are:
Organic Merino Waltz:
Merino Plus Silver (I just love the silver colourway):
Merino Plus Periwinkle and Navy Blue (perfect duo for the Niamh socks in Let's Knit):
and my favorite, Merino Plus Fab, if this is still around when I've finished my current secret knit this yarn will become socks for me, I just love it:
Merino Plus Lettuce:
Merino Plus Autumn Leaves:
Bambino Sock Purple Dream:
Bambino Sock Mint Cream:
You can see all the new listings here.
Tomorrow, Vanessa and I are off to Bristol tomorrow for a day of shopping with my friend and her daughter. Should be a great girls' day out. I've been planning what knitting to take. There will be a 2 hour bus drive each way so plenty of knitting time. I'm taking the sleeve of my secret project. Finished the front this morning so I thought the sleeve would be nice and light and easy to take. I'm hoping i might finish the first sleeve tomorrow.
Now I'm going to do some crochet before I go to bed. Nite x


Leonie said...

The squares look interesting in those yarns, they combine really well. It is possible to make a light and open fabric with the Tunisian crochet/knitting by picking up your stitches through the loop on the back of the chain (opposite side from the "v"'s), I have two beautiful scarves in progress using this method, one is shown in my Blogtoberfest 13 post so you can check it out.

Cybèle said...

You'll be designing for the crochet magazine (the sister magazine of Yarn Forward) soon! I used to love making potholders years back, if you do them in 100% cotton they last for years and they're great projects for practising stitches on. I just spotted a pair of crocheted mittens in my LYS, looked really nice.
Might be in touch soon re some more yarn - looking for something Aran weight - off to have a look at your website first to see if you have anything that weight! Hope you had a good shopping trip - not sure I could knit in a bus - I feel nauseous at the thought!

Piecepatcher said...

your crochet is impressive. I look forward to seeing what you do in the future. I'm also interested in the tunisian crochet.
more lovely yarns:)