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Thursday, October 22, 2009


I've got deadlines so the last thing I need is distractions. I've got to finish an accessory set for end of next week and I've got a lot left to do. Also got to finish a cardi by middle of November and have only done a few inches so far. In other words, I should be knitting like mad. So what did I do yesterday? I crocheted. Yes I spent most of my knitting time crocheting.

I made these two granny squares in some left over Posh Yarn sock yarn.
and the one circle I had yesterday quickly became two.
Then this morning I found this old ball of the same Posh base yarn in a blue/lilac colourway which will make some more circles or granny squares. Had to hide my hook this morning to resist the temptation to crochet some more. I may do some more circles and work out a way of joining them into a scarf.
I spent 15 mins on my knitting machine this morning and knitting a square of sock yarn, a whole 100gr in 15 mins. I'll be showing you what I'm going to do with it in the next post. There is possibly a new product in devolopment.
This morning was Liskeard Knitting Club. It was great to catch up with everyone after missing last week. We are getting a lot of regular ladies every week now and we have a good laugh. There is a great mix of ages too, from 30s to a lady who is probably over 80. I even managed to do some knitting this morning. Not a lot. A few rows on my cardi. I never seem to get much knitting done during knitting groups.
I'd better get on with some knitting. Determined to catch up over the next few days. But first I have to deal with this big box that arrived this morning.
It's my latest wholesale order. I was thinking the other day that I seemed to have more space in my workroom. I won't have once I've unpacked this lot. But it does mean there will be more Silky Merino Lace and a brand new sock yarn in the shop next week as well as some more Exotic Cobweb Lace, which has been sold out for a while.

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