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Sunday, September 06, 2009

On a roll

I decided to start spinning some new merino/nylon fibre last night. It's gorgeous stuff from The Thylacine. I thought I might try to spin some sock yarn for myself. I split the plait in half and split one half into thin strips and spun it. Couldn't believe how fast it went. I'd finished spinning up half the fibre in less than 2 hours. I had the drive band on the smallest whorl. That's the fastest speed right? I get really confused by ratios and whorls. The fibre was lovely to draft and I managed to spin thinner singles than I ever have before. Just hope they won't be too fine for sock yarn. I may start the 2nd half tonight.

On Friday I went to visit my friend Marianne who lives in the South Hams in South Devon and stayed overnight and most of Saturday. She lives in a gorgeous area, very rural and beautiful, in a gorgeous converted barn which is delightfully decorated. We had a lovely time knitting and chatting. Marianne has 3 little Yorkshire Terriers and they're very cute and sociable little dogs. Here are some pics of them:

Sleepy dogs:
Oops, the camera woke them up and i didn't even use the flash:
This is Billy or Fleur, I'm not sure. But whoever it is, he/she is a real cutie.
That's the chair I was sitting in and knitting. I got up to get my camera and came back to find it occupied by someone who wanted to get on my lap for a cuddle.
Let's have a look at that knitting:
Over the last couple of days I've worked faithfully on a secret sweater. I finsihed the front a few days ago and decided some of my measurements were a bit off and re-jigged my numbers an started from the beginning again. So to catch up I've not let myself be tempted by my other projects. I can't manage too many days in a row without a little diversion so today I decided to start charting and planning some lace projects. I'd like to get another lace shawl on the needles and a stole. I also have a skein of Amazing Cashmere Lace which I want to knit a scarf with. So I wound it into a ball earlier. While I was winding I was glancing at my 'tower of stash' and this skein of merino/silk/nylon/ silver, yes real silver, caught my eye. I got 2 skeins of this 4ply/fingering weight yarn ages ago and have been waiting for the right project. It's from Crash into Ewe. I decided to wind this one in to a ball too. I'm still not quite sure what to knit with it yet.
I'm thinking the silver yarn may make suitable holiday knitting. Yes, we're off on holiday soon, 18 September which is less than two weeks away so it's time I start planning my holiday knitting. I may not have any secret projects I need to take with me while we are away so I'm planning some indulgent knitting. Simon has been nagging me for years to knit him a sweater and I think I may start one. Depends a bit on exactly what he wants. I've got a yarn in mind. So if we can agree on adesign I'll do it. A sweater project could be a little hot in Spain so I promised Emily I'd knit her some more socks. She likes my handknitted socks but her current ones are getting a bit small. I also need to work on a smaller size of the Fame mitts. And I'd like to knit up a new sample of the Fern Gloves which were published in Yarn Forward last year. I'm going to release the pattern myself and need some new photos and I'd like them knitted up in my own yarn.

I was also planning to finish Simon's socks. And I thought a lace project might be good to work on in the heat. How long is my holiday? Well I'm away for 12 days. Is that too much knitting for 12 days? Yes, probably. Oh well, I've got a week and a bit to think about it and make a decision. And if I get another commission before then I may have to work on a secret project anyway which means all my plans will go out the window. LOL.

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Pixie said...

You are on a spinning roll, and yes the smallest whorl, should be the fastest.. I normally do 3plies for socks, makes the yarn more rounded and hard wearing.. yours with nylon should be good for socks.

Marianne's dogs are super cute! and love the yarns you have got ready for knitting.. lol at all your thinking of taking on holiday with you..

Wove Mum's scarf with the yarn I got from you at Fibrefest, made a gorgeous super soft scarf and she is chuffed to bits with it.. took some photos.. of now to see how they turned out.