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Friday, September 18, 2009

Off to Spain

I had pictures planned of my knitting but run out of time so will share them when I come back but I'm taking a secret cashmere scarf, the silver shawl, the Colosseum socks to finish for Simon and the Footloose socks to finish for me. I'm collecting some yarn on the way to the airport to knit a DEbbie Bliss sweater for Simon. I had planned to take more but think tha'ts enough. Oh, and I'm taking a shrug to finish for myself. Sounds enough for 12 days?

This week has been manic. Finsihed my secret garment finally, the one I ripped out hte front for by mistake. Got the sock and lace club parcels posted this morning and finally found time to pack.

Looking forward to relaxing on hte beach tomorrow. I'm so stressed out.

so have I remembered everything? yarn, needles, knitting mags, book and sun cream. Sounds good.

Viva Espana.

see you in a couple of weeks. The shop is closed while I'm away.

1 comment:

Probably Jane said...

Have a lovely time - are you sure you've got enough knitting?