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Monday, August 17, 2009

New Shawlette - name competition

Have you heard of p/hop? This is how it works. I've wanted to design a pattern for p/hop for a while now and when I first started working on this pattern I thought it'd be perfect. It's nearly ready for publication now and Fibre Fest visitors will be able to see it and get the pattern from the p/hop stall. I'll have some on my stall too.

I need a name for the shawlette though, so I thought I'd have another competition. the other one for the Golitha Falls shawl was very successful. This one has a very short deadline. I need to start printing off the pattern tomorrow. So the competition closes at 4pm UK time tomorrow Tuesday. The winner gets a skein of sock yarn of their choice and a copy of the pattern. The skein of sock yarn can be any of my sock yarns.

So more about this shawlette. I'm calling it a shawlette as it's not huge. My dressform is quite petite so it looks bigger than it is. On me it's definitley a scarf size. There are three versions. Version one is worked in Glorious Sock yarn and features two separate lace patterns and a border.
The other two versions features just one of the two lace patterns. One version is still blocking, this is the Merino/tencel version and is knitted in my Angel sock yarn:And the last version is worked in Organic Merino and is the smalles one.

A BIG THANK YOU to my volunteer knitters for getting these shawlettes done in record time. Here is a size/blocking comparison:
the Organic Merino version blocking with hte merino/tencel version unblocked, look at the difference in size.
And when I blocked out the merino tencel it actually blocks out bigger than the Organic Merino one:
I've finished all my yarn dyeing for Fibre Fest now. Having dyed yarn all weekend the house is now a mess. The weather is a bit unreliable down here. We've had a lot of dull weather with a lot of drizzle lately. Today it's warm but no wind and no sun so the yarn that's hanging outside won't have much of a chance of drying. I've got yarn drying in the lounge:in Vanessa's room (she's still in Norway, and I hope she doesn't read this):
on radiators (I turned hte heating on last night in desperation):in the dining room:And there is yarn outside too.

This is what my weekend was like, yarn waiting to go in teh microwave.Yarn in the bath cooling:Left to dry on towels after rising:
Now all the yarn is dyed and drying I've got to turn my attention to hte house. My parents are arriving on Thursday. They're sleeping in Vanessa's room and it's tidy but it's not been cleaned for a while. She has a huge number of ornaments which all have to be moved and the shelves etc dusted and I've got to be sure hte room is as tidy as possible for my parents. this pile of stuff on the stairs need clearing away:

I also need to give the kitchen a quick tidy up and cleaning. So plenty to do.

And yet all I really want to do is to knit. I've got half-way through the 2nd 'Footloose' mitten which will probably be called Fame. The socks were called Footloose and I'm using the same pattern for hte mitts but I don't want to call them Footloose and Jane suggested Fame which I thought was a good idea.
Here are a couple of pics of the finished mitt. It's not easy to take pics of your own hand.


natalie said...


Sounds pretty and cheerful and happy.

old lady said...

Coronation Arch.

Joy said...

What a beautiful pattern Anni. I am so pleased that I am coming to Fibrefest now because I'll be able to make a p/hop donation for the pattern.

And as for a name. Hmmm. Saturday is my wedding anniversry, so I think the Anniversary Shawl sounds nice, and rather apt.

It's just struck me that that makes it an (Anni)versary shawl ;-)

beanz said...

What a lovely shawl.

A Sharing shawl?

Kate said...

Trinity Shawlette
Trilogy Shawlette
Triad Shawlette
Triple Pretty Shawlette
Shawlette a trois
Pleasure Shawlette

Ann said...

The shawlette is gorgeous & the first thought that came to me is Clams. The design looks like little clams & also remind me of my favorite pasta - Spaghetti Vongole!

sara said...

I think that it should be called Lola. She was a showgirl with feathers in her hair (according to Barry Manilow). The pattern looks like feathers.

June said...

The shawlette is beautiful, a classic in the making.
My suggestions:

The Trethevy Shawlette


Bramble End

keep up the designing and the blog.

Piecepatcher said...

Lovely, and thanks for posting the comparisons.
Your model (I've forgotten her name?) displays them with elegance.
Name: I can see a mixed bunch of "girlfriends" all dressed up in their glamourous shawlettes heading off for High Tea!
Three for High Tea
or Girl's Day Out

Love the gloves too

Piecepatcher said...

Oops I meant to comment on all those gorgeous yarns hanging about your house.....ooohhhh I want them all!