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Saturday, February 07, 2009

New Yarn

I can finally introduce the first few skeins of my new Organic Cotton Sock Yarn which is a blend of 55% organic cotton and 45% tencel. It has 400m to 100gr and is gorgeous and soft. I'm nearly finished with a pair of socks in this yarn and it's lovely to knit with. Perfect for summer socks (yes I'm dreaming of summer already) and for those who are allergic to wool or prefer vegan yarns. This yarn is also the yarn used for the No Wool Sock Club. It's too late to sign up for February but you can sign up for March now.

Here's a taster:

I've listed lots of other yarns today too.
We had more snow yesterday and Emily's school was closed again. Vanessa's school was closed for a training day anyway. This means I've had kids home 3 days in total this week and it's only a week till half term. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but I do like having the week days to myself. It's late and I'm tired so off to bed. Nite x


Pixie said...

Your cotton and tencel looks gorgeous, I love cotton socks :))

Lets hope that is the end of the snow for us, although I know they say more on the way! gets tiresome after a while lol even if it looks pretty..

Have a great Sunday xxx

psalm127 said...

Oh those look gorgeous!!