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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well I've got off to a bad start to hte new year when it comes to blogging. Good thing I didn't promise myself I'd blog every day this year. We've been home for a week now and it's been incredibly busy.

I've finally gotten around to photographing the socks I knitted over Christmas. I finished the 2nd 'On the run' socks. The first one was done for the New Years socks (which was the original name for the pattern) last January. I'm wearing them today and they're lovely.2nd pair was the Scrolls socks. The first sock was done back in the autumn when the pattern was used for Sockamania.The third pair was a complete pair and the yarn was the January yarn for Sockamania PLUS which was Bambino sock yarn. I decided to do a plain pair toe up two at a time on magic loop. Got a bit bored towards the end as it was all plain knitting so the leg is a bit short.
The night we got home I pulled out my spinning wheel and started spinning some gorgeous merino, I spun a quarter of the fibre.Next week is Lace Variety club week. I start dyeing on Monday or Tuesday so if you want to sign up don't wait any longer. I've decided to make the club bi-monthly which means that each membership is 6 months with parcels being sent out every other month. Postal months for this year will be Janaury, March, May, July, September and November. So if you miss out this month, March is next hcance to join. I've got a brand new yarn for this month. I've test dyed some skeins and it's gorgeous to dye. Existing members have been sent e-mails re the change and there is a note on RAvelry too.

I've got lots more photos to share including my yarn purchased in Norway and some more knitting stuff but I've got to go and cook dinner then Emily and I are off to watch 'Mamma Mia' at our local church hall.

Have a good weekend. The sale is still on and there will be more yarn listed at sales prices tomorrow or Monday.

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