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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Silk & Kits

I love silk yarns but some of them can feel a bit hard but this new silk laceweight I've got is gorgeous. It's a stunning singles silk and is soooo soft. You all know how much I like soft yarns and this is perfect. I'm working on a scarf in it right now. I've only got a few skeins of this gorgeous yarns and I'm in the middle of listing them on Etsy now. HEre are some of them:
I love all the colourways and I'm so tempted to sneak one of each into my stash so I hope they sell quickly. Here's a colourway I'm definitley thinking of keeping:

I'm also listing some new kits. I'm doing kits in a new way now. Iwant to give my customers max flexibility and choice so this is how it works: choose your yarn and pop it in your basket, then choose your kit upgrade and you will get the yarn, pattern and project bag all posted together. Perfect as a christmas present for your favorite knitter, swap partner and as a treat for yourself. so far I've listed Midnight Stole and Celtic Knot which goes with my new Silky Lace yarn.

Next week is Sockamania Plus Merino Sock Club dyeing week so if you want to join us in time for December you'd better snap up a membership quickly.

I'm still waiting for my new camera charger but when it arrives there will be some pics of some new knits. today I've been working on a secret project. I'd love to share it with you but I cant which is so difficult as i'm rubbish at keeping secrets.

Tomorrow I'm having an op on my mouth. I've had a bit of a problem in the last 2 years with frequent abscesses in the same place. I had an op that hsoudl have sorted this problem a year ago but ofcourse it didnt and I've had two very painful abscesses since which made my whole face swell up so the dentist referred me back to the specialist to have it redone. I'm not looking forward to it but I've got no choice.


Pixie said...

I love your silk colours, and I can see why you would want to keep the purple shades ;)

Neat way of doing the kits and good luck with your operation tomorrow.. will be thinking of you.

How do you do you moebius wraps? got me intrigued now lol

Thank you for your lovely comment you left on my blog.. all the best xxx

Ann said...

Gorgeous colors & I love the purple too.

TutleyMutley said...

Hope the op went well.
I had my teeth cleaned by the hygeinist the other day and that was bad enough.
this last Yarn Forward was the best ever: love your design!

Anni, I'm ashamed to admit I've tagged you. I've neglected my blog shamefully and now sue nudged me. I've passed it on to you. Do feel free to ignore...