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Friday, September 19, 2008

Not again!!!!

Yes, I've had an abscess again. I noticed a niggling pain above my top jaw on Monday and I knew what was coming. And yes, I woke up on Tuesday at 3am and knew the right side of my face was swollen like a balloon before i even looked in the mirror. This is the 4th time I've had an abscess in the same place in 20 months. I had 2 last year. The first time I had a crown. And after the 2nd time I was referred to the specialist and had a small op to cut off the top of a crooked root and that should have solved the problem. But this is the 2nd time since I've had this problem. According to the dentist I may have to have the procedure again and it's not a nice one.

Good thing is I was given 2 lots of strong antibiotics and my face is nearly normal again and the pain is gone. On Wednesday the swelling went right from my top lip up to my eye.

Not done a lot this week but I did get the Lace Variety Club parcels out eventually.

And talking about Lace Variety Club, next month's yarn has arrived. It's gorgeous and soft and is excellent value at 1200m per skein. Here is all the packs of yarn

and here is a gorgeous skein close up

It means I've got to design a new pattern though as all my current lace patterns are designed for lace yarns with about 700-800m per 100gr skein. And I've got less than a month to do it. Some intensive lace knitting coming up. I've dyed some yarn for it but not decided on the design yet.

Got lots of other new yarn as well. Ordered small amounts of a lot of yarns as this is a new supplier for me and I wanted to sample lots of their yarns so we've got about 3 or 4 different lace yarns and merino, merino/tencel, merino/bamboo (different from my old wool/bamboo, much softer), and alpaca/silk. I've test dyed some of it and it's all gorgeous.

Here's the big box of yarn that arrived
(the eagle-eyed of you may recognise the box as being from Designer Yarns I didn't buy yarn from designer yarns, probably just a case of recycling card board boxes).
and a wall of yarn (doesn't look like a lot but it's 12 packs of yarn (which is actually 12 kg - no idea where to store it btw so better get it dyed up and in the shop quickly.

There will be a shop update over the weekend. Managed to take some pics today and started editing them and had hoped to start updating tonight but after dinner I fell asleep for most of the early evening. Now it's getting late and even though I don't feel very tired I'd better get to bed as otherwise I'll regret it in the morning when I've got to take Em for her swimming lesson at 9am.

Here's a sneak preview:
There are also some green yarns, yellow, gold, brown, blue and red, so a big variety and there's lace and sock yarns. And you'll be able to find them all here by Monday.

And finally I don't think I've posted September's Sockamania PLUS yarn yet. I took lots of pics iwth my brand new camera and most of them didn't come out very well. Colours were all wrong and I didn't realise until after all the yarn had been posted. The only one that came out looking right was one which when I took the picture I'd added a silly frame to. Was playing around with my camera.

And knitted up into September's sock pattern.

I've currently got October's sock pattern otn and it'll be finished tomorrow. The Sockamania PLUS parcels will go out next week. I start dyeing Monday or Tuesday (as soon as the yarn arrives which should be Monday (if it arrives early it'll be dyed Mon pm or if it arrives after lunch it'll be dyed Tuesday). So if you want to join, don't wait any longer. Head over to Etsy and join now. You can choose between one or 3 month options. Remember you'll need warm socks for the winter so you might as well get started now. I showed next month's socks in progress to a knitting friend today and she was very impressed with it and thought it looked gorgeous. I'm planning a handwarmer pattern too using the same stitch pattern but it won't be ready to go out with the Sockamania PLUS parcels. The yarn for next month is another new merino yarn and it's a superwash 100% merino with around 400m to a skein. It's brand new to me and I had a bag of it with this week's big deliver and I loved it and I'm sure you will too.

Now, time for bed and a bit of Knit Lit before I go to sleep. I'm currently readying Debbie Macomber's Twenty Wishes which is part of the Blossom Street Series. I've read 3 books now about the yarn shop on Blossom Street and this one is about the book shop owner on Blossom Street so not strictly knit lit but knitting is mentioned.

Nite x

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psalm127 said...

Oh I love all the new colors! I love the rose sock yarn. yum yum. I love the September yarn too. I have one sock done and love how it turned out. I hope this week I can get the other one finished. I had two days at the car shop that I casted on and finished one sock. ha ha