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Monday, September 15, 2008

Lots new yarns

I've just ordered lots of new lace and sock yarns. I've got merino/tencel sock yarn coming in and alpaca/silk sock yarn.

The rest are all lace yarns and there are all sorts of combos of alpaca, cashmere, silk and merino.

12kg in total. 4kg are reserved for next month's lace club and I'm not revealing that yarn yet but it has 1200m to 100gr so better value. So if you're not a member make sure you sign up in time for October. I've got to try and design and knit a new pattern for this yarn too in time for October as all my current lace patterns are designed for yarns with lesser yardage. This will be a huge challenge as my knitting schedule is pretty full at the moment.

I'm also planning and swatching for a new lace scarf design to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month here and over the weekend I suddenly thought I ought to do some sort of fund raising even so i'm designing a scarf in sock yarn which will be sold to raise money for cancer charities and there will also be lots of special pink fundraising yarns.

We've had another busy weekend. Yesterday we went for a walk up on the moors again and Simon and the girls had a swim in Golddiggings. The dog went in for a quick swim too. Same place we went a few weeks ago. Freezing cold water.

Today Simon had the day off work so I skived off packing Lace VAriety Club parcels and we went down to alocal seaside town called Looe. Simon went out in his kayak and I walked around the town with a friend who came with us. I managed to get my nephew a birthday present. Then we had a drink at a lovely coffee shop.

I'm a bit spaced out today as I woke up at 3am. My neck was hurting a lot and I couldn't get back to sleep. A very early night tonight I think. I've managed to stay awake all day which is a miracle and only been possible as we've been so busy today.

I didn't manage to get very many yarns listed on Etsy this weekend so I've got lots more to go. They'll be listed tomorrow and Wednesday. I've got some more sock yarn I think and quite a bit of Luscious Lace and some Merino Lace. Tomorrow I'm test dyeing some pink yarns for the Breast Cancer promotion and charity scarf. And looking out for my new yarn order.


psalm127 said...

Breast Cancer Awarness...I am there. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. She lost both of her breast to cancer. I will be looking forward to seeing what you have. Now I am off to go drool over your yarn.

Artis-Anne said...

Busy, busy little bee:) Not enough hours in the day are there? I am up at 4 am yet again this morning :( All your yarns sound gorgeous and I must look them up when they are listed

Judy said...

Breast cancer awareness is close to my heart as my older sister is a survivor of 5 years now.
I'll look for your scarf pattern.

Pixie said...

Love the idea of the breast cancer lace scarf, we lost my Auntie a couple of years ago, so will make one in memory of her.

Whoot on you getting all those new yarns lots of fun for you and of course us too.. having more yardage gives more scope too for patterns..

Of course I will still test knit for you.. you come first.. love my knitting jobs..

Thank you on my wheel, having lots of fun with it.. seems an age ago we were sat talking about wheels and things..

You feel better soon and hope they get that tooth sorted once and for all for you

Take Care
Pixie xxx