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Friday, May 23, 2008

Pics from Norway

This is how I feel this morning.

In yesterday's post I promised you some pics from Norway. And as I'm currently cursing my printer and very tempted to chuck it out the window, I thought it might be an idea to calm myself down with some holiday pics and memories. First I just need to moan about my printer - sorry. Before we went away Iwas printing off the patterns for teh Lace Variety Club and my printer started chucking out pink tinted pictures. When we came back from holiday I switched it on expecting more pink pics to come out but it was printing properly. Until this morning when Istarted printing out the pattern for Sockamania PLUS. Now it's giving everything a yellow tint. I'm not happy. Giving it a break then I'll try again.

Just had a look in the holiday pic folder and trying to decide what to show you. There's so much. Think it was Tama who asked for views of the area my parents live in. The area south of Oslo where my parents live is probably the least pretty area of Norway. Yes, it's close ot the Oslo Fjord which is the most boring fjord in Norway. And my parents live on the outskirts of a large housing estate so no pics from there. Although it is surrounded by forest. I think this pic is taken in the woods near my parents' house and here is the fjord near where they live.The house my sister and her partner have build though is beautiful with beautiful views over the Oslo fjord and Oslo.A bit foggy on the day we took thse pics. The pic above shows the corner of the property in front of them.

And an oldfashioned style house in front of my sister's house. It's for sale at the moment.We baby sat my nephews one day. Sondre is 3 1/2 years old and a lively, little boy and Storm is 4 months old and gorgeous. Here's Simon followed by Sondre and Storm running around on my sister's lawn trying to make Sondre's new kite fly. There was no wind that that. But it wore Sondre out a bit.And here's a pic of Storm on his Christening Day in a Christening Gown knitted by my Mum.

We visited the village where we lived when Iwas aged from around 4 to 10. I think of this as the village where I grew up and I was surprised at how short a time we lived there really. But it's beautiful and right down by the fjord. We lived in a huge house with a huge, wonderful garden an a private beach. The house hsa now been knocked down and a modern house is being rebuilt which really upset me when I saw it especially as it's happened without a planning permission.

View over the village:

We walked past my old primary school which is now owned by the Fred Olsen shipping company. It didn't look quit this well maintained when I went there.

And the church next to the school where we got married.

The bridge leading up to the school:

There was a play area next to the school and Simon and the girls had fun going down the very, very fast slide. In fact the biggest laught was when Simon hit the bottom and shot off the slide flat on his back.
More holiday pics over the weekend.


Unique Gowns said...

Thank you for sharing your holiday pics. I love the christening gown, how special is it for a baby to be wearing a gown handmade by nana ! Best wishes Dana

Cyndi in BC said...

Thanks for the pictures! My grandfather was born in Norway, in a town called Rjukan? (not sure of the spelling). I'd love to visit Norway one day but it's a long way from British Columbia, Canada to Norway. Love reading your blog!

psalm127 said...

Thanks for sharing. It must have been a fun trip. Everything is so green, I can just feel the clean crisp air. I love the Christening Gown. What type of carrier is the baby in? I have never seen one like that. I am interested in that.

Joy said...

Oh Anni - what a fabulous place Norway is! For sale you say........

I hope your printer behaves tomorrow.

Unique Gowns said...

I just relinked your blog, for some reason it dropped overnight. Dana

Sarah said...

Looks like a wondeful trip - am very excited about my first visit to Norway :o)

Tama said...

Thank you so much for all of the pictures! So very beautiful! I want to go there some day.

smariek said...

Beautiful photos, I love the scenery and architecture.

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone and cindy in BC. Rjukan is close to where one of my grandmothers came from.