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Friday, May 30, 2008

Lots of knitting ....

..... and no pics to show for it. That's mainly because a lot of it is secret knitting. I've done two shawls in the last week (aran weight yarn) in the same pattern.One in HipKnits Aran Silk and one in Manos del Uruguay. They both look gorgeous and I'm hoping to use Vanessa's brand new super-duper camera tomorrow to get some good pics of them. Can't share pics yet though.

Also finished a new stole which I thought I might keep for a mag submission but I've decided to publish it myself. Pics of that over the weekend or next week. I'm hoping the pattern will be ready for sale on Etsy some time next week. 'Diamonds Are Forever' will be listed for sale next week too. Pixie knitted a large version of it in Luscious Lace a while back and Idon't remember if I showed pics. So here are some.
and a close up of the pattern

Ruth (don't know her blog) has knitted a Cashmere Lace version with beads. It's blocking right infront of me on the lounge floor right now. It looks gorgeous. It's a bit smaller than the Luscious Lace version though.

I also promised more pics from Norway so today I htought i'd show you some pics from 17 May, which is Norway's National Day and a really big deal in Norway. Kids take part in parades with marching bands. I used ot play in one from when Iwas 11 to 17 and we used to start marching and playing at 6 am until mid afternoon. We did 2 or 3 parades during hte day plus marcing around waking people up from 6am to 8am. We were bussed between 2 or 3 different placesfor the parades. It was hard work but I alway enjoyed it.

This was the first time I've been home for 17 May since 1989 and the first time Simon and the girls have experienced it. So it was an important day for all of us. We had great weather all week and on the morning of 17 May it rained. It did't pour down but it was steady drizzle all morning and it was quite cold. We got to Oslo for the main parade around 9am. We had to claim our spot along the route down Oslo's main street. We watched the parade for nearly 2 hours then walked up to the Royal Palace to see the King and Queen waving to people form the Palace Balcony. It was quite cold and Emily was especially cold as she waswearing a dress and I hadn't brought tights for her. I should have let her wear jeans really. Luckily were we were standing there was a shopping arcade and the restaurants in there were open so we popped in a couple of times to warm up.

My mum, me and the girls (hiding under thier umbrellas) watching the parade in Oslo:
The Royal Guard (Garden) came ahead of hte parade A medical students band which weren't part of the parade. They came up hte main street going in the wrong direction a while before the parade. They played quite well and entertained the waiting crowds. Some boring police man made them leave the main street though.
Some pics of school kids and marching bands from the parade:The NOrwegian parliament:
In hte afternoon we went to my sistersfor a bbq. It had dried up by then. Some places in Oslo, including some areas just outside Oslo had snow so we were lucky considering.

Now to some pattern typing.

Have a nice weekend andremember last day for free shipping (worldwide) tomorrow so hop over to Etsy now to place your order.


Pixie said...

Great photos Anni, so neat you were able to be there for it :)

Looking forward to see the new designs, even if we have to wait awhile..

Have a great weekend, we have sunshine.. whoo and I hope you do too

Probably Jane said...

Gosh, I wish I was as productive as you - your designs are consistently beautiful - and there are so many of them!

One day I will get to grips with proper lace weight knitting...

Judy said...

Anni, lovely shawl.
That was nice that you were to be there for the special day.
Love your designs.


psalm127 said...

Oh how I wish we had rain like that. Iknow my joints wouldn't like it but the rest of me would. June's yarn arrived yesterday and it is beautiful as always. I might knit this one into a longer one for the fall. It reminds me of all the fall colors. I'm affraid if I knit it for summer it would be HOT LOL. It does look like a flaming hot color but I would much rather wear it in cooler weather. ha ha. Thanks for visiting my site.

Torhild Reidardatter said...

Thanks for sharing.
It is years since I´ve been back for 17 of May- my kids seen it once.
sorry you had to get that awful weather.. you never know what´s going to be like.
The brass bands always makes my want to cry-- I get this big lumb in my throat and I get terribly homesick.