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Friday, April 18, 2008

What happened?

Trying to think why I've not blogged for over a week. Got no excuse other than 'got out of the habit'. So here's a quick update for you: We did the Big Move last weekend. The big move was basically the girls moving rooms. We've now gotten rid of our spare room. Ness has moved in to the spare room giving her a bigger room. Em moved into Ness' old room, which was Em's room before hte girls swapped about a yar ago. And Em's room, the smallest bedroom is now my studio. Yeah. Simon also stores some of his books in there so it's not exclusively mine. I've got a big desk in there for yarn dyeing. Chest ofdrawers for storage and two micrawaves for cooking yarn. It's working brilliantly so far. I've still got some tidyeing and sorting out to do but it's so much better than dyeing yarn in the garage.

Have finished spinning some of the BFL Humbug. Here's the fibre before spinning (the pic is a bit dark), singles on the bobbin and a skein of 2ply I've still got more to spin too. Thnk it'l lbe around 200 gr in total. Love it. Not quite sure what to knit with it yet but got some ideas and it'll be a new design.

Later today I'll be listing 'Two of a Kind' on Etsy. It'll be available as a pattern only and as a kit. The kits listed first will contain either Luscious Lace or Merino Lace with some Cashmere Lace kits coming soon. The kits i'm listing today are likely to contain these colours among others:

Ive also got some more yarn which is nearly dyed including some fab new colours of Luscious Silk. As soon as it's dry it'll be photographed and listed soon.

Just realied it's lunch time and my stomach is rumbling so back another day.


Judy said...

Congrats on the studio!! Way to go.
Hope the girls are both happy in their new rooms.
Lovely yarn. I hope to take a spinning class sometime this summer. You have inspired me.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Judy.

Tama said...

Wow! That BFL fiber makes a gorgeous yarn! I am going to have to check out your store for the Luscious Lace. The one with the blue's and purple's is so beautiful.