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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just a quick one.

Just finished an Etsy update. There's lace - Cashmere/silk, cashmere and merino, sock yarn and kits.

The Lace Variety Club is selling out quickly and at the time of writing there are 4 spaces left. These are the last 4 spaces. And if they sell out before 1st May there may not be any more memberships available for 2 months. So be quick if you want to get in.

More yarns tomorrow. It's late, I'm tired. It's been a fab day and I'll tell you more tomorrow. Other news tomorrow too, or actually maybe later today as it's now past midnight on Thursday but to me it's still Wednesday. Time I got to bed. Got shopping with Ness tomorrow as her teachers are on strike.


jayne said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog, Anni. My daughter loves the gloves, despite the odd sizes (not a mistake I'd normally make!) and I'm getting on well with the other knit, which is a vardi knit in the round, You're right, the yarn is gorgeous, though my photo really doesn't do it justice!

Pixie said...

Oh I love the pink yarn.. gorgeous as is all your yarn :)

Well done on your lace club.. and have a great day today