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Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm a wreck!

Yes, I'm a complete wreck today. Although the painkillers are doing their thing and i'm feeling better now. This morning however, I had a throbbing headache. And when I say throbbing I really mean THROBBING!!! I get these horrendous headaches and just moving around makes me feel like my head is going to explode. The reason for the pain and headaches is that last week I over did it massively. From dyeing and sending out hte Sockamania PLUS yarn, family stuff etc it was far too much for me and I knew it. Saturday I felt really quite ill. It felt like someone had nailed a metal place across my shoulders and top of my back. Apart from baking and decorating Em's birthday cake on Saturday I did very little and Sunday was much better. We had Em's party in the afternoon. We started out with a trip to the Monkey Sanctuary. Em took 5 friend along and they all loved it. They liked looking at the monkeys and spent ages in the adventure playground. Then we went home and I made pancakes and they all had ice creams aftewards. Yesterday started out wet and horrible looking but in the afternoon it brightened up and we had glorious sunshine.

Yesterday evening I finshed spinning and plying the Yarn Yard April Fibre Club fibre. I love it. Wasn't too sure aobut the roving when it arrived but it looks gorgeous spun up. Can't wait to knit iwth it. These pics shows the yarn unfinsihed. It's now been soaked and finished. Just got to dry it then tomorrow I'm casting on.

Today I'm spinning this gorgeous fibre which the lovely Joy gave me for my Secret Santa present. The colours are gorgeous. I'm nearly halfway through now. Due to the pain I decided to have a lazy day today and have done lots of relaxing spinning. And soon I'm going for a massage.

Only hick up today is that Em has been sent home from school ill. She's running a temperature and feeling sick. Let's pray it passes quickly.

And I promised last week I'd get pics of hte gorgeous angora/merino from Peachy Knits.


Joy said...

Anni I'm sorry things are so painful for you :-(

I'm so pleased you liked your present, especially the fibre. It was as much as I could do to post it to you , and I don't spin ;-) It's looking lovely.

Sarah said...

Hope you both feel good again soon

Pixie said...

How awful for you Anni to feel that way, suffer from horrid headaches know full well how yuck they make you feel..

I loved going to the Monkey Sanctuary as a kid and a ideal place for kids to go for a birthday treat.

Loving the colours of the yarns and hope you feel much better soon

psalm127 said...

I'm sorry you and Em aren't feeling well.I hope you both start feeling better soon. Em and I have birthdays close together, I just had mine on the 21st. I love the yarn you spun. It looks great. I have lots of reading to catch up on. I haven't been blogging latley due to taking care of my grandma, and I haven't been reading much either. I will have to pace myself so I can catch up with what has been happening with you. Take care Laura