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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Amazing Lace

It's late and I should be in bed, but on my way to bed I realised I'd not checked my e-mails today. Which is very unusual for me. I must have broken the internet habit while on holiday, normally I would have had withdrawal symptoms by late afternoon.

Just realised that sign ups for the Lace Variety Club will have to close in two days. I'll be dyeing the yarn on Thursday and Friday so get in quick. I've had a few sign ups off Etsy too so it's filling up for the first month and I'm only doing a very limited numbers for the first month. The pattern is probably likely to be one of these:

It's mainly a yarn club but I will include a pattern each month too. The pattern may not be a new one and won't be an exclusive club only. I've got several new lace patterns in the pipe line so you're likely to be first in line for those if you join the club.

The yarn will be Merino Lace, Cashmere Lace and Luscious Lace (Silk/Cashmere). But not necessarily in that order. When you get the Luscious Lace you will ge 2 skeins as they come in 55gr skeins and you need two for a shawl. They're £18 a skein normally so this is a real bargain. For the other two yarns you will get one 100gr skein, which is plenty for a decent sized shawl.

Here's an example of lace yarns I've dyed in the past to tempt you, the club colourways will be exclusive club only. I'm not sure yet which yarn will be used for the first month but it's likely to be cashmere/silk or cashmere.
And after that bit of enabling, I'm off to bed. Pics of some new fiber additions tomorrow.

Nite x

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