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Monday, March 24, 2008


I've got some more handspun yarn to show you. First this lot of gorgeous fiber is from Dragon Fibers on Etsy. Aren't they gorgeous. One is merino/tencel and hte other two are bamboo/merino. I decided to spin one of the merino/bamboo rovings. Although I do like pastels I tend to go for brighter colours but I just loved the delicateness of this pastel roving. And it was a beauty to spin. Look how gorgeous it looks. I didn't put as much twist in this one as I normally do. It's roughly a fingering weight/4ply weight yarn. I've got it wound into a ball already ready to knit. not quite decided what to cast on yet but think it's going to be a scarf of some sort.

Also finished this lovely YarnYard merino/silk handspun. this is roughly 4ply/fingering weight too and with quite a high twist.
Next on the wheel is the gorgeous baby camel I got from Twisted Hare Fiber Arts a while back. I was advised by the teacher on the spinning workshop I attended the other week to mix it with some longer fiber to make it easier to spin. I wanted to blend it with some Tussah silk but wasn't happy with hte undyed silk blend so the ohter day I tried blending some purple tussah silk and the natural baby camel and it looked gorgeous in the rolag so i'm going to try spinning it to see if the yarn will look just as gorgeous. I'll let you know.

I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself these days. Have had a dreadful cold since Wednesday. It's got a bit better but it's just not clearing up. Because of the cold and my back/neck pain I've not slept very well again and spent hours awake last night, it gave me the chance to make a start on the Sockamania May socks. But now I'm SO tired. Early night I think.

Most of the Sockamania PLUS parcels have gone out now. There are only about 7 left to be posted tomorrow. They're all UK and a couple of European ones. The rest of the parcels went on Saturday. I wasn't very popular when I dropped my bags of parcels off at my local post office. It's a small post office with only one staff on duty at a time. The 3 members of staff there are so lovely and very helpful and let me leave my parcels there and come back later to pay rather than holding up the queue for ages. But on Saturday it was very busy and I wasn't sure the clerk was going to have time to do them all but he did.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.


Kerry said...

Lovely spinning.

I wouldn't worry too much about the people in the post office. The owner of our local one told me he gets a percentage of each post label he prints which is more than he gets for all the pensions etc so prefers people with lots of parcels.

Looking forward to getting my next Sockamania Plus package.

Joanna said...

Lovely Spinning, hope you feel better soon!

Pixie said...

Oh my what gorgeous yarns, I love the colours..
Feel better soon and hope you got a better nights sleep in.
Enjoy your day xxx

psalm127 said...

Your spinning is yummy. Don't you just love the feel of your spun yarn. It looks so soft. Great Job!!!