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Friday, January 25, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

What a week. It's been quite busy. I've also suffered a lot with neck/back pain and head aches for the last few days although it's been better today. This means I'm a bit behind with club parcels. I'm hoping I can get them all out tomorrow although they should have gone today.

Have some yarns ready for an Etsy update but just realised one of my favorite programmes of the week is start in 5 mins so no time for an Etsy update but I'll give you a preview. The update will be sometime tomorrow. Only a tiny one. Although I've got some more yarns downstairs which will be listed as soon as they're dry.

I had a delivery of Merino yarns from Uruguay on Monday. There's lace, fingering weight and worsted. It's all so soft and gorgeous .Not had time to dye very much of it this week as I had to finish the club yarn too. And my neck/back pain has put a stop to too much dyeing this week. Also got some urgent knitting commitments and deadlines

Did some plying a few days ago. Had some merino silk from the Yarn Yard I'd spun and some merino silk which I dyed msyelf. Plied the two and it looks gorgeous. The purple/lilac is Yarn Yard, the blue is mine. Still spinning the blue and then I'll finish plying. Just did a bit to make sure i was happy. Love it. Should have around 200gr at 4ply/dk ish weight. Definitely going to knit something with this but not decided what yet. Maybe a scarf.
Blossom Merino 4ply:
Blush Merino Sock Yarn:
Confetti Merino 4ply:
Spooky Green Merino Lace. Got a skein of worsted in the same colour.
Sky blue merino worsted.
Have a great weekend. I'm off for some more knitting and telly watching. Having knitting deadlines is not bad really. Good excuse to watch my favorite TV programmes.


Peachy said...

Oh, lovely colors! As always I'm looking forward to the update :)

Pixie said...

Gorgeous yarns and colours..
I hope you feel better soon.. not nice living with pain

Have a good weekend xxx

psalm127 said...

Sorry your back and neck are not doing well. I can not believe how much you get done. As always your yarn is gorgeous. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Piglottie said...

I hope you have managed to get some rest in Anni and are feeling better. Your spinning is gorgeous - a natural I think :) And I love your yarn (the colour of the club yarn in the last post is absolutely gorgeous!)

Joy said...

Anni do you ever stop?

I love your colours - really winning combinations :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone.