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Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'm so annoyed

Why I hear you ask? Well, one of the things I'm annoyed about is that I started a silk cardi in the summer. I had 3 skeins of DK silk from Posh Yarn which I bought a few months ago because I just loved it. I had thought of doing a shawl or soemthign with it but I've done so many shawls, I fancied smething different so Ithought a shrug. The yardage is pretty good so I thought it would be enough. I wasn't quite sure how to go about it as I've not knitted a shrug before. Imeasured and swatched and decided I'd knit the back first, then go down the arms, just in case I didn't have enough yarn, that way I could knit it 3/4 length sleeves or soemthing. I wanted to knit from side to side. so I started the back with a provisional cast on and knitted the back and put the sts on a stitch holder at the end. My measuring/swatch was way out as the back was much bigger than the back of a shrug should be and I'd only used 1 1/2 skein so Ithought I'd do a cardi and get a contrasting colour for the sleeves. So I cast on one front back in August, a few days ago I picked it up again. Knitted a few more reps and measured and realised I'd done about 5 pattern reps too much so had to frog it. At lunchtime today I sewed the shoulder seam on one side and did a 3 needle bindoff down the side of thecardi, leaving a gap for the sleeves. As I've already got all the stitches around the armhol I can knit the sleeves top down. Then I thought I'd wind up the last skein and now I can't blimming find it. I'm so angry. I've searched my whole knitting basket in the lounge, a couple of boxes in the bedroom. Basically it could have been showed away anywhere.

Why am I so annoyed about this? It's not like I haven't gotten tons of other wips I can do in the mean time. Well, I was thinking if Iput some effort in to it I could get it done for Ally Pally next week and wear it. But without the last skein I can't do anything more. Do I spend ages looknig for the 3rd skein, do I put it on hold until the skein turns up? Do I finish somehting else to wear for Ally Pally instead. I got a aran silk shawl on the go that is fairly quick knit, that may get done on time. I've also got some Touch Yarns Boucle which I tought Imay make a shrug with, not sure if Ive got enough though. Shall I go ahead with that?

Or shall I be good and just plod on with my current wips?

Talking of wips, I've been putting wips on Ravelry today. And I've been adding some of my pattrns too. Some of them, mainly Sockamania were already on there which was great to see. So Ive added a few more. I'd like to add all my Anni Design patterns and all my YarnAddict Yarns varieties. At the moment I've added the Merino Lace to the database and merino sock yarn was already there.

talking of lace, I've had a shipment of merino lace and merino 4ply from Uruquay today. Not opened the box yet as I know I'd just be tempted to star tdyeing right now. Not dyed the 4ply before but it's so soft. If you've tried my Easycare merino 4ply and think that's soft, then wait till you feel this new 4ply. It's softer than cashmere. But it is strictly handwash as it will felt. So I'm thinking it may be better for shawls, baby stuff and accessories rather than socks. It'll be in the shop next week, hopefully before I go to Ally Pally.

Going to London on Thursday am and back Saturday eve. I'm going to Ally Pally on Friday. I'm helping on the Knit n Knatter stall in the morning, then browsing in the afternoon. Pop over and say hi. Anyone who's going and fancies meeting up, please let me know and we'll make arrangements.

Sorry no pics today.


Tama said...

I really want to "pop over and say hi" to you at Ally Pally!!!!! Take pictures or something so I can see it. Oh! and buy some yarn for me too!!LOL!

Piglottie said...

Oh dear Anni! I hope you find that extra skein. I think you should just knit something relaxing, rather than try and rush something and not enjoy it due to feeling stressed (I find this happens to me). Have a great time at Ally Pally - too far for me I'm afraid but looking forward to seeing your haul :)

Sarah said...

Bad luck! You know it'll turn up when you're looking for something else - typical!

If it were me I would just knit whatever you fancy and not worry about having something new for AP- unless you like the pressure of a deadline? I do for work but not for knitting so much!

Peachy said...

oh, I just know how you feel! I'm contantly loosing skeins of yarn, and stuff like that - so annoying!

And I'm so happy that I'm in your blogrole - always gets me grinning, and stuff :)

Katt94 said...

I hope you manage to find your other skein - it will probably turn up when you least expect it.

I'll pop over and say hi at some point on Friday morning. :)