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Monday, September 24, 2007


....what a weekend. Sign ups for Sockamania PLUS Merino Sock Club is going great. I orignally listed 20 memberships then I accidentally added 5 more adn there is about 9 left at the time of writing. So if you want in be quick. Sign ups for October close on Wednesday as I need to get the yarn dyed on Thursday. Although I'm hoping ot do most of it on Wednesday. The October socks are nearly done. Just test knitting the 2nd sock now and they're nearly half done.

Not been all that much knitting going on over the weekend. We went looking at kitchens and sofas on Saturday afternoon. We're planning to get a new kitchen soon. We didn't make any progress with that on Saturday. Only managed to look in Homebase and there was nothing there which particularly took our fancy. Had a bit more luck on the sofa front .Liked one in Homebase we rther liked. And we saw two in Land of Leather I liked although Simon only liked one. It's brown leather, which we want. Its high enough back to be comfortable for my neck and I found one especially nice for my back. The price was very goo. BUT all the sofas in Land Of Leather appear to be recliner ones. I'd love a recliner one but it's not that great with kids. They're bound to much around with it and there's the danger of them hurting themselves but the biggest risk is that it'll get damaged and Simon thinks it's 'just another thing to go wrong'. Tehy're having a 12 hour sale on Thursday so I did suggest pickign him up from work on Thursday to go and have a look as I've got to take Ness to dentish in Plymouth anyway.

That's about the most exciting thing I did this weekend. I've got no pics for you either. I was going to photograph the alapaca dk I dyed last week. It's in a pile downstairs and the colours are gorgeous. I couldn't decide whether to reskein them or not this morning so Ididn't bother doing anything with them. But I'll get them ready and listed on Etsy tomorrow.

Tonight I've been given the task by my lovely oldest daughter to knit her friend a mobile phone sock.... for tomorrow. Okay, so they're small and quick to knit but Iwas going to work on Sockamania socks tonight. Got another sock which I want to knit by Friday too. I've started the mobile phone sock but whether or not I'll oblige Madame by getting it done tomorrow I'm not sure. Maybe if I get too tired to knit anything else later on. She told her friend I'd do it for tomorrow.

And talking of phone socks, I've been asked to teach Ness' Guide Group to knit and I thought mobile phone socks were a good idea as most of them have phones. Now, Ido mine toe up on 2.75mm dpns in sock yarn. Is that going to be too challening for 12 and 13 year olds who don't knit???? I'm thinking of using DK yarn instead and 3.5mm needles and knit the sock as two rectangles and sew them together. Not sure if I can get them to manage 4 dpns. Any advice?

I've started adding new members to Sockamani for October. I'll send out new members welcome e-mails too once I've done all the blogger invites. It's a bit of a prolonged process as I've also gotto save their e-mail addys in my Hotmail list and add them to a Sockamania e-mailing group. We're likely to be over 200 members by the end of the week. I'm totally amazed.

Happy knitting.


Hattie said...

I think it would be a little too hard for them. I think that your best bet is to have them knit straight in a rectangle and seam. It's simple and easy.

Tama said...

I agree, knitting in the round can be a bit of a challenge even for those who have knitting experience. I have a simple pattern for a purse that could be adapted for the phone sock size that is knit with two needles, but ends up finished without any seams to sew--in the round without using more than two needles. Let me know if you're interested and I'll e-mail it to you.

marit said...

I agree, knitting with DPNs is not the best way to begin. A rectangle, either with garter stitch, or- for the more daring...-stockingette is a lot easier. I've used felted bags/teacosies as "first projects" for my kids. Anyway- good luck! (and how's Vanessa doing on the sockknitting?)