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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Spinning Adventures

I've been spinning again. Actually first I plied some singles I've spun over the last few days. It's only a tiny amount spun from some pencil roving from The Yarn Yard. I wanted to see what it was like plied. As I was plying it some of the spun singles kind of unspun. So it's kind of like a slubby, thick and thin DK weight yarn. I could pretend it was supposed to be like that but I think I'll admit to it being not that well spun instead. After all it's the first yarn I've spun that I deemed good enough even to have a go at plying it. Anyway here it is:

Then I pulled out some fleece which came iwth my spindle and started spinning that and it's spinning up much finer and I'm finding it easier although it's not completely even.

Here are some pics I wanted to show you from one of our days out last week. After a tour of West Cornwall, from St Ives around the coast to Land's End the nonwards towards Penzance we ended up here at Lamorna. It's a beautiful tiny harbour and cove. Not happy with that Simon made me walk around the cliffs to an area of flat rocks. He did carry my chair though and his own which he didn't use and it wasn't a very long walk, about 10 mins but very, very rocky. I've nto been to that beach since before we got married, nearly 16 years ago and forgot how difficult the path was.

This is the path we came down, taken from the area we were sitting at.

Here's the view from where we were sitting. The cove is between the first crop of rocks nad the headland in the distance.

Here's the view in the other direction, towards Land's End, although you can't see it.

And here is where we were sitting, my chair were I sat knitting until my hands got too cold to knit. Yes I know it looked lovely and warm but it wasn't. His Lordship is asleep.

The pics in this post are all taken with my new mobile phone which has a 2 mega pixels digital camera and I wanted to see how good the pics turned out. Thse have all been compressed for web pages.

Had to take some yarn pics tonight too just to see how well the phone works. Here's some green merino sock yarn ready to go on Etsy probably tomorrow.

Here are 3 balls of merino ready to be reskeined.

And here's my pile of reskeining to be done over the next two days. Won't et muc hdone tomorrow as I'm having a small op on my mouth. I've got to have an incision, the top of the root cut off (have already had a root canal but keep getting infections). My root is very bent so they're hoping this will sort it out as I've had two very nasty and severe infections since January which made the whole side of my face swell up severely and last time it made me feel very ill. Then they're sealing the top of the root and stitching it up. Apparently I may end up very swollen and bruised for a few days, and a black eye was even mentioned. So I'm not looking forward to it. There's an hour's drive to the dentish, an hour for the op and an hour's drive home again.

I'm aiming to get that big pile of yarn on Etsy by Friday at the latest. Next week I'm hoping to be dyeing some Blue Faced Leicester sock yarn and laceweight and some Alpaca DK.


Joy said...

Isn't Cornwall just beautiful :-)Lovely spinning too.

marit said...

Those are some beautiful views!
And the yarn is pretty too!
Good luck with the op.

Anonymous said...

I hope the op goes ok, if you do have a black eye at least you can still wear sunglasses this time of year ;)
I think the views you had whilst knitting were delightful. There's something about knitting outside, it's good for you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies. I agree with knititng outside and the views in this part of the country are beautiful when the weather is nice.

Tama said...

What a beautiful area! What a great place to sit and knit. My favorite place and time to knit is when my husband goes fishing. The lakes and scenery is always so beautiful and peaceful, it makes for the perfect knitting experience.

Your spinning looks very nice! I was told, when I started spinning, that you should spin for one hour every day. Doing that will help you maintain a nice even yarn. My favorite fiber in the whole world is a blend of camel down and silk. Try it sometime!! It's divine!!

Sue Krekorian said...

Thanks for a Magic Armchair trip to Lamorna - I love it there. Mousehole and the whole Perndeen peninsula are two of my most favourite places on earth and it's been a while since I was physically there so a virtual visit is great. Thanks for visiting my blog, too, which has introduced me to yours. If you saw someone staggering round Fibrefest on two walking sticks, that was me. Good to make your acquaintance :-)