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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rocking Girl Blogger Award nominees

First it's time I made my nominations for the Rocking Girl Blogger award. It's a while since I had my award and I've been putting off making the very difficult decision to nominate 3 people. At least I think it's 3 I've got to nominate.

First is Aknita who is a lovely lady and is so full of kindness. I met her a year ago at Get Knitted and she is a truly lovely lady. And her blog is always full of gorgeous pics. I love one of her recent posts, which is why I decided to nominate Joy, its full of gorgeous pics, especially a Forest Canopy shawl which is just stunning and a picture of her equally beautiful sock yarn stash.

Second nominee is The Yarn Goddess. Pam appears to have daily visits from the Yarn Fairy. Lucky lady. She is also briliant at seeking out indie dyers and the yarn she buys is just stunning. I love drooling over her almost daily yarn deliveries. I thought I was bad when it came to buying yarn, but I've been much better lately.

And the third nominee is Gilraen who is another good forum friend and loves gorgeous yarns and shows them off on her blog together iwth her finshed stuff and wips.

I'm so pleased i've finally managed to make a decision re the nominees. I could have nominated lots, lots more lovely bloggers.

I've got some more yarn ready to list on Etsy. I was going to do it tonight but time's getting on now and I've got to take up Ness' new school trousers tonight and do some ironing so I think the Etsy update will have to wait till tomorrow. Here's a sneak preview though.
Some BFL laceweight:
and some merino I found waiting for reskeining. It was dyed at the beginning of the summer holidays and then Iforgot about it. I spent ages this morning reskeining. It's the job I dislike themost about yarn dyeing. Think I need to train the kids to do it. I'd pay them ofcourse. Penny a skein, LOL.

And a skein of BFL for me. These are going to be Croc Socks.

Started another new project last night. I'm using the lovely HipKnits aran silk I won in a charity auction lately. It's stunning to knit with. I'm doing a shawl but I think that's all I'm going to reveal at this stage. I had a couple of false starts but I'm happy with how its knitting up now. And being aran, at least its knitting up fairly quickly. I've still got 2 other lace shawls to finish, and one pair of urgent socks and loads of nearly finished socks and about a dozen other wips. The girls also want me to knit stuff for them. I got some yarn recently for a shrug or soemthign for Em. I just haven't had time to start it. I think I'll cast on for the shrug once I've finished the Aran silk shawl. Oh, and I forgot I'm halfway through a silk cardi for me too. Right, I'd better get knitting. Too much to catch up on.


gilraen said...

Thank you so much Anni! That is really sweet.......of course your yarn already features in my lovely list of yarn and is georgeous..............:)

Piglottie said...

Your yarn looks lovely Anni. And I cant wait to see the Hipknits Aran silk shawl. Its such beautiful yarn that I'm sure it will look amazing.

psalm127 said...

Beautiful as always. I am looking forward to seeing them. Thanks for sharing with us and inspiring us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies.