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Monday, July 09, 2007


I had a long, long list of stuff to do today and I managed to get all the knitting related stuff done but not the housework. Anyone else got that problem? Which means I should now stop blogging, and go downstairs and get on with the ironing as I have nothing to wear tomorrow, neither does the rest of the family. My bed is full of clothes to be folded. There is clothes in the tumble dryer to be brought in and put away, stuff on the line which has got wet again (so may as well leave it there) and I still haven't cleared up the kitchen after tea.

But I have knitted almost an entire foot of a sock (and I have big feet), reskeined 3 skeins of yarn, taken a pile of yarn parcels to the post office (and walked the dog at the same time), assembled the knitting patterns to send off to One Planet... as they'll be selling my patterns soon. And writing up the sock pattern I'm working on. And had a friend over for a chat this afternoon (good excuse to knit and ignore the ironing). I cleaned my teeth about midday and cleared up after breakfast about 1pm. I was up and dressed by 7.30am though. Not washed hair and no make up. Doesn't sound good does it.

So do you think my husband would be impressed if he read my list of what I did today? I don't so let's hope he doesn't read my blog. He's out tonight btw, so I'd like to curl up in my chair with my sock and something good on TV (welll a girl can dream can't she?!). But instead it's kitchen duty and ironing for me. Punishment for my lazy day.

As I said One Planet Yarn and Fiber will soon be stocking my patterns. I'm so excited about this. A few of my patterns have been stocked by Yarn Grove but One Planet will stock a much larger number and they're all my recent sock and shawl patterns.

If any readers run a yarn shop and want to stock my patterns, just get in touch.

Well, I'd better get off and tackle that huge pile of dishes (by tackling I mean load them in the dish washer) and then iron a pair of trousers and t-shirt for me to wear tomorrow. Then it's knitting time.

One quick note about Sockamania, if you'd like to join, be quick. I've only got 10 spaces left and then I'll pauce it again as we'll be 100 members (lots have signed up in the last few weeks). And I want to make sure I can manage the blog with such a large number before I let more in.

The Sockamania patterns for May and June will soon be for sale on my blog/Etsy and at One Planet.


Piglottie said...

Sounds like a productive day Anni! And congratulations on getting your patterns stocked by One Planet. I have ironing today too.... :( (although the sock is calling so who knows!)

Monika said...

I like that you've got your priorities right! ;o) Housework, it never ends. Knitting is much more fun.

Tama said...

Anni! You sound like me! With my surgery on Friday this week I can't seem to get anything (house work) done. However, I have knit two pairs of socks, the lace shawl is more than half finished, and I have been spinning some lovely angora/silk for a friends lace project. I figure the housework can be done any time by any one. Can't wait to get my yarn!!! I will have to just sit and look at it for now though LOL!