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Friday, June 22, 2007

Merino yarn is here

My order of Merino yarn arrived today. There isn't a huge amount as I'm still just ordering small amounts at a time. I was out all morning at a Ladies Bible Study group and came home at lunch time and found abig box in the playhouse with all the yarn. I started skeining some of the laceweight straight away but had a friend coming after lunch and I had to eat too so only got one skein of lace and one skein of 4ply finished.

I've got the rest of this huge cone of lace to skein. There are 11 x 100gr skeins to come off that. At 1500 m per 100gr, that's a lot of yarn. It's going to take me ages.

Gave up on the lace and started working on the 4ply instead. Managed to get 4 skeins off this 500gr cone done while cooking tea. Hoping to get some more done tonight adn then hopefully some dyeing tomorrow.
Doesn't the yarn look great undyed though.

Here's the lace:

and 4ply:

And here is some yarn I dyed a couple of days ago. Because of the awfully wet weather it's been drying inside which takes too long. Today I hung it up on the patiodoor so that the short spells of sunshine we had today might help it along a bit.

It's quite messy adn needs reskeining but here it is in it's messy gloriusness. I love the colours. The first two were originally dyed pink and plum but had too much white in them so I overdyed them in pink again and it's made the plum a much richer shade with pink 'bits'.

And here are two skeins which started out as pale blue but I felt the colour was a bit flat so added some green (a couple of different shades), some purple and turqoise and I quite like the result. It'll be nice to see how it looks once rewound.

Not got much knitting done today. So do I spend the evening knitting or skeining ready for dyeing tomorrow? Not sure yet. I'd like to start dyeing tonight actually but not sure I want to deal with all that mess tonight adn my back/neck isn't good and it'll make it a lot worse and I'm quite tired. I'm afraid that if I dye tonight I'll be in too much pain to sleep. So tomorrow it is.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and happy knitting!


turvid said...

The yarn is absolutely beautiful!


Hattie said...

So pretty! That laceweight looks awesome!

miss mandy of flitwick said...

I have a thing about purple and green at the moment aswell, the bottom ones are absolutely lovely. I do my best to avoid cones now, but my merino is still coned, and it still makes my arms ache

Anonymous said...

Loving every bit of it :)
Hope your back feels much better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

thank you everyone. I didn't want cones Chrissy. Last time the 4ply was skeined but this time they only had cones. Will be getting skeins next time if I can. It's so timeconsuming. I need to train my girls to do tht job for me.LOL.

Joy said...

Anni, what a beautiful colour combination!

Anonymous said...

Your yarn looks yummy! Where did you get the cones from?

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Oh, I adore the turquoise/purple, it's gorgeous! You work some lovely magic.

Piglottie said...

How interesting to see the yarn in its 'raw' state. And your colours are wonderful Anni! I love the purple/green/turquoise yarn. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone. Been doing more dyeing today and reskeining of some dried yarn.

Ria said...

The undyed skeins really are pretty. They looks so smooth and full of potential. But I just adore the purple-blue-and-green skeins! They remind me of purple crocuses in the summer.