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Monday, March 05, 2007

Yarn & Wips

Was a bit busy on Friday or was it Thursday doing some dyeing. I dyed lace weight yarn for the first time. I got 2 skeins of Touch Yarns lace weight merino in a lovely white shade but white isn't really for me so I dyed it. The idea was to dye the skeins in an identical colour so I could knit it all into a shawl. I mixed the dye, put the first skein into a bowl and poured the dye over it and made sure it was covered properly. The yarn soaked up the dye so quickly and actually ahd to drain off the excess water which had had all the dye sucked out of it by the yarn so Ihad to mix up more dye for the 2nd skein. Popped the 2nd skein in and mixed up more dye but most have gotten it lighter. I love both colours and they don't look too different in photo but they are quite a bit different. Still like them though.

Also did a bit of Opal. The blue didn't quite turn out how it was supposed to be. And the burgundy started out a rather murky green/purple. Which looked hideous so I soaked it in black dye and it came out red. Not sure how that happened. But I do like this colour. Nightmare to rinse all the excess colour out though.

Finished this shawl on Saturday. It's my own design knitted from the neck down and will be available for sale on my website soon. It's knitted from 100gr of Posh Yarn Sophia 4ply (cashmere) and I like it but the colour is a bit too pale for me and it's nowhere near large enough. Not blocked yet so may see if I can stretch it a bit.

I've cast on for another one also in Sophia 4ply. But I've got 4x55gr skeins of this so should be bigger. I decided on the border at the last minute and quite like how it turned out.

This orange/pink/ purple colour is gorgeous but didn't photograph too well. You may need your shades.

Another Posh wip. This time in Eva 4ply (cashmere/silk). Love the colours in this. Thsi yarn has been tried out for a t least 3 patterns before but didn't like it. I like this pattern though. And I've got 4 skeins again so hoping it'll be a decent size. This pattern is so nice and easy to remember. Short vertical and horizontal pattern repeat. My own design again.

Also got some socks otn but no pics of them yet.


Hege said...

How fun to be dyeing your own yarn! Your new shawl is so beautiful and luxurious! The Ocean shawl is lovely, too.

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

I love the shawls - that last one has some really pretty colours in it! I love the purple and that blue you dyed...I think they turned out great.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hege and Shelley.

Linda said...

You are busy, the dyeing looks lovely. I found it hard dyeing yarn so admire anyone that does it! The Ocean shawl is beautiful.

Artis-Anne said...

Hi :) poppped over from Knitting Haven and have to say what lovely shawls you have made. I love your 'Falling in Love ' socks, they are on my must do list
Isn't dyeing fun ? I am either spinning yarn to dye or buying white yarn to dye ;-)

Holly Burnham said...

Does the dye continue to run everytime your wash the garment? I have never dyed anything and wonder......

Anonymous said...

No it shouldn't Holly. I've knitted socks in my own hand dyed before and it did loose a bit of colour over time. I've bought hand dyed yarn too that's lost a lot of colour in the firs couple of washes. But it should be colour fast but you've got to be careful first few times like you should be with anyting brightly coloured.