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Monday, February 05, 2007

Problem with me!

What's the problem with me? Lots of things really. Like this morning, I should be trying to clean up a large bag so I can use it for my trip to NOrway (it was bought for Ness to use on her year 6 school trip and got rather muddy but it's the perfect size for my trip and has wheels), I've got lots of washing to catch up on, and don't mention the ironing pile. It's taking over the house. And it's now 10.40 and I've still not cleared up the kitchen after breakfast. I also need to start thinking about what I'm taking to Norway and start packing.

So what have I done this moring? Well, after getting girls off to school, I collapsed into my favourite chair with m yknitting and watched the Wright Stuff on Channel Five. My favourite day time programme. If I'd watched it and ironed it wouldn't be too bad but I didn't. I knitted and tried to stay awake.

Then 10 mins ago I decided to jump into action. Walked (not jumped) upstairs to change from jeans into track suit bottoms. The button on my jeans is loose and keeps popping off. I thought while I was up here I could pop into the spare room and get the bag that needs cleaning. Then I saw the laptop and decided to check my e-mails nad now I'm blogging. I'm hopeless.

Another excuse I've got today is that I've been up since 4am. I woke up jsut before 4am and although I was soooo tired, I just had to get up as I had an excrutiating headache and pain in the top of my neck. Didn't get back to sleep. But I could fall asleep sitting up at the moment.

I will allow myself a nap later today if I get the following done:
  1. washing out of the machine and into tumbledryer and another load in the machine.
  2. Some ironing done - the stuff I need for my trip and any school uniform that still needs ironing.
  3. The bag cleaned.
  4. Check that I've got wht I need for Norway washed and ironed and start packing.
  5. And most importantly, clean up the kitchen and decide what to defrost for dinner.

Problem is with my neck/back the way it is today I'll need to take freuqent breaks and during those breaks it's so easy to pick up my knitting or fall asleep (probably while knitting).

So somebody, come here and unplug my laptop. Kick me into action. NOW!!!!

Okay, I'm going and I won't come back until I've got some work done. I PROMISE!!!!

A very kind knitter e-mailed me today (or last night) to tell me that there is a typo in the MagKnits pattern. On round 9 it should read k6 instead of k5. This is probably fairly obvious to most people as it's the cable stitches which are 6 st not 5.
I'd love to see your socks when theyre finished so please send me some photos or e-mail me the link to where I can see it (ie your blog etc).
Okay, okay, okay, I'm off. Kitchen first, then bag and laundry. PROMISE!!!!

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