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Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm so excited, I'm about to burst.

After having a few not very good days, this really cheered me up just a minute or two ago. Yes it's my sock pattern, 'Falling in Love'. I first designed it when I was knitting my first pair of socks in Collinette's Jitterbug. The yarn was gorgeous and I was hoping hte pattern would work but it didn't. Jitterbug was too varied and colourful for it. So I used some Jaeger 4ply merino from my stash instead. I loved it and at the last minute I decided to submit it to MagKnits. It was well after the February deadline but I thought as it's Valentine's Day this month, a pair of heart lace socks would look good.

A huge thank you to Barbara W from the Sock Knitters Forum for test knitting this pattern urgently for me before Christmas. I didn't get her much time at all. She gave me some good pointers. Thank you Barbara.

It's the first pattern I've had published and I hope it won't be the last. It's knitted toe up which is great especially if you're worried about the fit or running out of yarn. Or keen to use up all the yarn available. Just knit the cuff until you run out of yarn.

I originally worked the socks with short row toes and heels. But then decided to knit them with a different toe construction (a mix of Queen Kahuna's aloha cast on and figure of 8 cast on). In fact I'm just working on some instructions to go on my website for this type of toe. Whatever method you use it'll get you a great end result.

For the heel choose between short row heels and gusset/heelflap. I've tried to include detailed instructions for both. Any problems please just ask.

Other things happening

A lot of other things have been going on lately. My grandfather in Norway had a stroke on Saturday. He's doing fairly well I think but is obviously in hospital. He's got a lot of wekness in his left arm and leg. And recovery may be slow, he is mid 80s after all. The one I worry about the most is my Gran. She is very frail and is starting to get confused and forgetful. She's had to move into a respite home as she can't manage on her own in their 4th floor flat (no lifts). She really depends on my Grandfather. He is very active and walks up and down the steps between their flat and the basement several times a day and walks to the shop a couple of blocks away. I think she misses him a lot.

So last night my dad, Simon and I decided that I should go to Norway for a week. I'm leaving next Wednesday. It's not easy to go away for a week, when you have two kids (9 &11) who still need you at home every day after school and a husband who works full time. My motherinlaw has been ill with shingles since Christmas so don't won't to ask them. After a morning spent phoning friends to help out with childcare and booking tickets - train to Stansted (from Cornwall), return flights to Norway and flight from Stansted to Newquay on the way back - I've finally got it all organised. Simon is taking two days off work too. And my friends Clare, Helen and Carol and my neighbour Sue have all agreed to help out with childcare. I'll just have to write out a list so Simon knows who's going where on which day. LOL.

Also been playing around a lot with patterns and swatcing last night and today. A lot of stitch ideas have been charted and thrown away. Several swatches been knitted and frogged. This is a swatch I did earlier that I'm happy with. Not sure whether to frog it and knit a wider scarf/shawl or to carry on with the swatch and turn it into a scarf. Like this diamond pattern although it does't show up a great deal with this variegated yarn, which is Posh Helena 4ply . It's fairly quick for a 4ply. But it's lovely to knit with and I love the colour.

Also started another sock, this is for my cashmere 'socks with a twist' pattern. need to knit up one sock to check some changes. The yarn is Posh cashmere sock yarn (4ply). And the needles are Boyes from the Yarn Yard.

And this was my dog, Sam, this morning. I was busy photogrpahing some of my stash and she was snuggled up on my shawl. As I was tidying up I piled up all the yarn next to her as my yarn basket is just at the end of the sofa. Thought it looked so cute.
And this is our coffee table this morning. Phone and phonebook and calendar for trying to sort out childcare for when I go to Norway. Lots of knitting/yarn bits. And some Cadbury's mine eggs to keep me sane.
Askein of Yarn Yard yarn and some Boyes coloured needles - gold and lilac.


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Well worth a look. Please pass it on!


Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Saw your sock on MagKnits and thought I'd come see your blog as well. I've printed out the pattern and am going to give it a try. I haven't tried toe up socks yet, so this is the perfect opportunity!

Your blog looks great, and I've bookmarked it and will be back again. Feel free to drop by my blog at

Holly Burnham said...

Anni...I am so sorry to hear that your granmother is having such a hard time missing your grandfather, but of course she would. My prayers are with your whole family amd I know your visit will make them both happy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Holly. I'm really looking forward to seeing them agian. The girls are a bit upset they can't come with me but it's easier to go on my own.

thank you Shelley. The pattern is not difficult at all. If you need any help just e-mail me. I'd only done toe up socks a couple of times before I designed these.

Silja Devine said...

Håper det går greit med bestefaren din, slag er ikke noe å kimse med.
Ellers så vil jeg vise deg denne linken her:
Dine falling in love socks er utvalgt til å være februarmønsteret. Jeg er igang med begge sokker og har strikket en rapport på den ene sokken og skal nå strikke den første rapporten på den andre sokken. BIlder kommer vel hos meg i morgen tenker jeg.

God tur til Norge igjen
- Silja

Linda said...

Sorry to hear about your grandparents, Anni, and hope your visit goes well. *sending hugs*

I love your sock pattern and started it today. The instructions for toe up short row shaping are excellent - these are the first toe up ones I've made and they're going really well. I usually do top down but thought I'd give them a go.

Susanne said...

Love the socks in Magknits.. Would you ever consider "charting" the pattern out rather than have it written out line by line??

Anonymous said...

I might do that Susanne. Normally wiht socks i just write it out and until a couple of days ago I had to chart by hand. But I can do it online now. So if I get time over the weekend I'll chart it and post the chart here for anyone who finds it easier.

Thanks for letting me know about that Silja. Very exciting to see my sock pattern mentioned and knitted elsewhere. Have you got any snow now? Is there snow closer to Oslo?

Linda, your sock looks great. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog for your progress pics. I'm glad you find the instructions easy to follow. Wanted to make them as clear as possible. And I was hoping people who haven't done toe up socks before would have a go too.

Jen said...

What a beautiful pattern!

Silja Devine said...

We have had some snow, but it only lasted a few days... now it is almost all melted and it is as we call it "is-holke".

dianemulholland said...

Congratulations! I'm sure it won't be the last pattern you have published :-)