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Monday, January 29, 2007

A Stashalong with a difference

Fancy joining a stashalong with a difference? Then visit my new stashalong blog: Stash Addicts Anonymous. The place to come to share stash busting ideas and patterns. Confess your yarn purchases and tip each other off about fab yarn shops. I'd like to encourage posting pics of your yarn stash too so we can all drool a bit.

The basic idea is that we encourage each other to work with our stash but there are no rules like - no more stash to be bought. That's just a silly rule we can't live by anyway. To join e-mail me with your details on

My Weekend
Done very little knitting this weekend. After having spent Saturday de-junking the house and sorting my stash I was too shattered to do much on Sunday. I did my monthly Sunday School duty and that was about it. Didn't get much knitting done either.
Today it was back to de-junking and I've cleared out the spare room/study and it's so much nicer in here now.
Mr YA braved Em's room which was appalling. I'm a bit worried what Em will say when she realises how much he has chucked out. But her room is so much better. He started Ness' room too but lost the will to live and packed it in for the day. No more de-junking till the weekend now as he's back to work tomorrow.
I normally spend Monday relaxing and recovering from the weekend and treat myself to some uninterrupted knitting time. Not this morning. Have done a few rows on my Alpine scarf but not much. I want to get this done now.
Also want to start my socks for a sock design challenge on Sock Knitters Forum and my February socks for Crafty Yarns (see my side bar for links). Also need to knit up another pair of my toe up socks with a twist to make sure I've written down the pattern correctly. Actually I think I need to make some modifications to it. and Em wants a pair of hand warmers. Too much knitting and not enough time.

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