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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Can't think of a title

Really struggling to be creative here. Today has been kind of messed up. Was going to get on this mornign and do some more ironing. I don't think I'll ever see the bottom of my ironing basket ever again but I've got to keep hacking away at it. Instead I spent the morning in the doctors office and then queuing at Boots for my daughter's prescription. Poor Ness has a kidney infection. She is in a lot of pain and can't even walk upright. Had to wait for ages in the doctor then do a sample to test for the kidney infection and then wait for our prescription. She waited in the car while I tackled Boots. Not my favourite chemist in our town but it was closer to the carpark and doctor's surgery. Customer service in the pharmacy department though is nil. I knkow I'm demanding but it's just ridiculous in there .Not used their pharmacy for quite a while and won't use it again in a hurry.

After lunch I decided to sit down with a bit of knitting. I'm getting on quite well (or I was) with my Vintage scarf from 'Victorian Lace Today'. I'm knitting it in Posh Cashmere lace and after a rocky start have finally cracked the border. I'm on my last repeat when I tugged too hard at the yarn and it broke. Had to unpick two rows stitch by stitch to get to where it was broken. Don't think I've lost any stitches. It's a difficult pattern and it's got lace stitches every row. Can't wait to finish the bottom border, although the border carries on up each side at least I can knit something else in the middle. the centre pattern looks much easier. And I've had anotehr idea for the shawl I want to design myself. I've got some Tamara coming (from Posh again) which will be perfect. Got some other Tamara lace as well in gorgeous purple colours and I've got a scarf in mind for it from 'Victorian Lace Today' but not sure if I hsould cast on for yet another lace project. Still got a scarf from Lavish lace to finish (it'll be a present for someone next christmas) and still got Cozy to finish. Although I'm getting close to finishing Cozy. If I concentrated on it for a couple of days I'd get it done but I'm starting to find the pattern a bit boring now.

Off to get a bit more knitting in before I start making tea.

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