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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back home

After such an awful journey to Norway I wasn't looking forward to the trip back. But apart from the awfully early start (3am) it all went brilliantly. Flight took off and landed ontime. We got the car collected with no hassle. Drove off happily - no problems on the motorway. Left Stansted about 9.30 am and I fell asleep. Woke up just before Swindon and we stopped for petrol and lunch. Mr YA insisted on driving further so I went back to sleep and woke up jsut before Plymouth (about 40mins from home). Felt a bit guilty as he'd doneall the driving and I'd done all the sleeping. Girls were brilliant and very quiet and Em even slept for a short while at the end. Got home at 2.30pm.

Done no unpacking yet and can't be bothered unti tomorrow. Girls aren't back at school until next week. Gotto go to dentish tomorrowandget my tooth sorted. No pain today though but face isstill quite swollen. Also got to go and do a big grocery shop tomorrow.

Had a lovely holiday but no snowat all which was disappointing.

Got two lovely parcels today. One was the books Mr YA ordered for me from Amazon before christmas and includeda Stash work book which is fantastic and two lace books which are abit old fashioned but the lace is gorgeous and has given me some ideas already. Also got a parcel from Posh Yarns with some gorgeous sock andlace yarn. Photos of all this and my Norwegian stash will hopefully be posted tomorrow. Can't find the USB lead now.

Off for some relaxign knitting now. Nite all.

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