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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Norway Day 7 - More yarn shopping

Can't believe we're halfway through our holiday already. I don't feel like we've done much so far this holiday. Been a lot of family get togethers etc which I enjoy but I dont think Mr YA is enjoying it much. It's difficult as he doesn't speak Norwegian and although all my family speak English it's easy to just blabber on i nNorwegian and forget he's there. Well I think he's had enough as he's been in a foul mood all day. Although we've been out all day and my parents are out this evening so we're on our own.

We went to Frogner parken in Oslo today with the famous Vigelands sculptures. These are gorgeous bronze and big stone sculptures of naked women, men and children. the girls were horrified tha all the statues were naked with 'bits' showing. I tried to explain about the beauty of the human body etc etc but they were still 'disgusted'. All the statues are very tasteful and vary from infants to very old people. And they're not skinny either.

After a long wlak around the park and lots of pictures, we headed for McDonalds for lunch. We don't really like it but it's cheap and the kids like it and you know what you'll get and I don't mind a fast food meal once in a while.

Then it was off to Oslo City, a shopping centre, for a spot of shopping. My aim was to hunt out he yarn shop there. So I deposited Mr YA and the girls in the book shop which had a good selection of Adults and Kids books in English which I was very impressed with. Then I had a mad runaround to find the yarn shop.

It was a tiny shop crammed full of yarn in every colour imaginable. Don't think I've seen a yarn shop so colourful, although the one I found yesterday in Son came close. I spent ages touching and feeling but ended up with just 6 balls of Garn Studio Alpaca 4ply. Can you tell I like this yarn. I'm going to use it for one of the scarves in 'Victorian Lace Today'. Was tmepted to get much more but Mr YA would divorce me and I won't have room in my suitcase.

On the knitting front, I've done hardly any today. I finished the main body, flap and strap for the Graffitti bag last night and started the internal divider tonigh and it's nearly finished. Then I don't know whether or not to get Mr YA to hold a skein of yarn for me to ball up for a pair ofsocks for my dad or if I should start the scarf in the lace book in the Alpaca. I'm tempted by the scarf.

Not sure what our plans are for tomorrow. My paretns are having the girls tomorrow evening as we're going to the cinema.

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WildPurl said...

I'm very envious of your trip, I've only ever visited Iceland, never Norway or Sweden, I'm beginning to think a visit to Norway is a must! Not just for the yarn either, it sounds like there is lots to see.