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Saturday, December 02, 2006

I'm ill but still knitting

Simon came home from work on Thursday and went straight to bed and stayed there until yesterday evening. Then this morning I woke up with a bit of diarrhoea and extreme tiredness (okay, so I'm always tired but htis was worse). Got up to get ready to take Em swimming but just didn't feel well at all so kicked Simon out of bed as he was feeling better and then got back into bed and slept most ofthe morning. By lunch time I had to get up as my neck was killing me. And I've spent the afternoon leisurely knitting. Finished my latest felted bag called 'Simplicity' which I've knitted in a gorgeous purple colour from Cascade 220 The Heathers collection. It's very practical as it's got 3 internal compartments and it's in the washing machine felting as I type this. I chucked loads of towels in with it as they needed washing too.

I've got the rest of the Big Wool I needed for my Big Shopper now so can finish that one too. But instead I cast on for another sock. I didn't cast on for the 2nd Braided cable sock but a new one. Spent quite a while swatching different ideas and decided on a zigzag lace pattern with braided cables in between. The zig zag lace is the same as I've used in one of my Zig Zag Scarves.

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